A trip to the “black funnel”: what do you feel podkrovelnye and the guards

Soon the prison escort service will change – wheelchair users, pregnant women (for the period of six months) and mothers with children will be transported in sanitary vehicles or air transport. Without stopping at the forwarding station. For the rest of the prisoners have already appeared a “funnel” of the new generation. A few of these, according to the decree of the RF Government, the FSIN has sent abroad: the gift of the penitentiary service of the Republic of Cuba.

What do today steel paddy and those who deliver them the prisoners? Reviewer “MK” in my experience, figured it out before the day of the escort service of the Federal penitentiary service.

FROM the FILES of MK: a “birthday escort service in Russia is 20 Jan 1886. This day was signed the Decree of Tsar Alexander III. The document ordered to form 567 of escort teams to escort the prisoners. By that time it existed a half-century of the brigade of the internal guard, which were responsible for escort service. Soon was formed a step team to escort (prisoners, then walked along the highway on foot), and then the Special branch escort to the escort of prisoners by rail.

December 10, 2007 order of the FSIN of Russia the Day of special divisions criminally-Executive system on a convoy announced on 20 January.”

“Headquarters Management” convoy is on the outskirts of Moscow. The staff are friendly and helpful. Not spoiled by the attention of the press. To get acquainted with the escort service, we are with the lead analyst of the Federal penitentiary service in Moscow, Anna Karetnikova, please bring us into the paddy wagon. “Why not?! Let’s do it!” – we hear in response.

Interested in the head of the convoy Andrew Wheeler: and your paddy – and is the black Raven, which, according to well-known folk song that moves other people’s little lives? The same craters? Or, at least, his “successor”?

– It is necessary to understand how the “funnel” subordination, – explains Andrey. That “crow” who was that? The Cheka? The NKVD? Our vehicles belong to the Federal Service of Execution of Punishments. And challenge them in Moscow is quite prosaic: it is simple to transport prisoners from one detention facility to another, and most of all – to the station, where they Board the cars, they are attached to a passenger train that transported to the places of punishment.

Another important their mission: to take seriously ill prisoners from prison to hospital. As for delivery in the courts and in consequence, it deals exclusively with a police escort (as for most complaints).

A little statistics. On average, in the prison paddy wagon in the city, given that collecting prisoners on the stage can not one, but two insulators, involuntary passenger spends up to six hours. And at the same time for white stone to move somewhere in the “funnel” on average, about 160 prisoners.

And funnels this is not black. White with a green stripe and the words “penitentiary” on the side of the body. On the basis of KAMAZ or “Gazelle”. Not many such vehicles in Moscow — about forty.

We never know sometimes, – says Andrey. – Stop the car traffic police and ask: “who are you even? You whose? In uniform, with guns.” Because the interior Ministry vehicles to transport consequently arrested the same but with a blue stripe on the side. But the bailiff also got a transport, and band is green, but the inscription is different. Go figure… the Difference with a police paddy wagons except that they have special signals and our – no. The President took when he was fighting with flashing lights. And they would not be injured in Moscow traffic jams. The urgency here is justified: after all, inside people, a lot of them, and not really convenient. Though they do not go to a sanatorium…

– November 5, 1908, was started escorting detainees on special machines in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, – says Karetnikau. Anna, what is called “topic”. During the years that she spent in prison first, as a human rights defender, then the analyst and the member of the Public Council of the Federal penitentiary service, listened from the prisoner hundreds of short stories for this reason. Myself, being also a writer, immersed in the story.

– Then the car turned into the infamous “black crow” – continues Karetnikova. – And now she’s trying to do, as far as possible, more comfortable and modern vehicle.

Show us the car which, perhaps, few people want to see from the inside, and if you want, just as we are, out of curiosity. About 2 thousand people a month in one only to Moscow become the passengers of the special vehicle…

The upgrade will have on slightly icy stairs. Establish on her leg, hands clutching the cold little balcony, a little catch up – and here we are in the paddy wagon. Stories about patients, women, the elderly, who are trying to get in the car, fell down and hurt yourself. But then we are told: ready and waiting for the distribution of new car models, with power for persons with disabilities. And new stairs much more comfortable than those that were before (for comparison – and then climb into old, legacy car). Really convenient.

Cabin is fenced off. And we were in the back. Front – seat escorts, face-to-convicts, behind – bench camera. Side view – single cameras, boxes, and composting toilets. Yes, now in the “paddy wagon” has heating, air conditioning, toilet (no sink). Not all the new models, and this distinguishes them from the old.

– Toilets, – explains Andrey, for emergency situations, its presence does not mean that the car will travel without stopping indefinitely. No, according to the standards it needs to stop every two hours to bring people to the restroom and heating (despite the presence of heat). To stay for such purposes is allowed in police departments… local governments.

– So, – here we are interested in – if KAMAZ will stop by the city Council and people in camouflage out crowd will lead to the toilet prisoners, it is no surprise?

– In such situations we have not yet encountered. This convicts are taken to the toilet and build in other detention centres on the way to the station.

What else positive in new car models, on the basis of KAMAZ and Gazelle in comparison with the old (compare)? Artificial lighting – light enough. In the older models of the cameras do not see anything, no Windows, people travelling in the dark. In new Windows, unfortunately, is still there, but the light of the lamp. Signalling and communication of the new generation. Surveillance.

Two long “autocamera”, narrow rows of plastic chairs facing each other. Each chamber may shrink, clinging to each other on chairs in a row up to 15 people. Where do they put their stuff? In a small paddy wagon, that “Gazelle” is for things a small office. KAMAZ is not provided.

– Things… – thinks employee of the escort service. Under the chairs? But it’ll fit 30 pounds or 50… what is allowed to take with them to the colony? Yes, it’s a bug, you must admit. This is for travel to court, well, there are a lot of things is not necessary. And here all along. And where to put it? Where bags to put? Especially women! They have so many with them happen…

Another employee explains that, as a rule, large chambers filled almost half, so with the placement of personal items is not a problem.

– Have questions to the small solitary confinement – says Karetnikau. – The boxes around the footage which is broken so many copies, was the subject of numerous complaints, review and the European court of human rights, and the Supreme Court of Russia. In such a box man holds up straight back and knees to the wall in a dark room for several hours. Without a window, without a book in hand, without the slightest opportunity to escape from its constrained state…

– All these single camera – for those who asked about the security, – says an employee of the convoy. Or if transported by different categories of prisoners. First-time convicted “Verkade”, women and men, minors, former law enforcement officers – they do not mix, they should not communicate with each other according to the norms of the Criminal Executive Code.

Please specify the dimensions allowable dimensions of the box for documentation. 5060 – written in the document. “No, this can not be” – shakes head head and sends employee to measure the actual dimensions.

Boxes for prisoners much larger, 0.8 to 1.2, in the detention center were illegal and were to be dismantled back in 2011 a special letter of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia. Here in paratransit, they still do. But the car still goes! It – shakes!

I share my thoughts about what these small boxes can do. Question by Andrei Alexandrovich on the computer at his collection of photos of similar vehicles from different countries (the collection is rich, one can see that people keenly interested in experiences, looking for ways of the decision). Somewhere in the boxes are not hermetically sealed, and separated only by bars, somewhere more somewhere they have Windows, so sharpened did not experience claustrophobia. Somewhere in the boxes at all. Comes to mind: perhaps, if the big camera can never be filled, is to find ways to reduce their square footage in favor of domestic? To make the boxes more, for one or for two? Because of this you can think of! How about the fact that in most examined by us foreign vehicles window is still there. Somewhere above, somewhere below, but they are there.

Continue viewing: not everywhere in the world the prisoners are transported by trucks. There is another option – the bus. Somewhere it replaces, however, and a journey by rail, somewhere- only our traditional “funnels”. But somehow, of all the options this seems the most tempting. Including cultural-linguistic reason: the trucks, no matter how modernized they were not carrying cargo. Buses carry people. Offenders – not the goods they are human.

Service of escorting a conservative, says the chief. – But maybe, with time, it really will be buses. Of course, fortified, specially adapted for the needs of the escort, police buses…

And joyous to us is the news: there was an instruction of the FSIN of Russia, according to which wheelchair users (persons who are unable to move independently) was transferred now through only (without forwarding station) by segments, sanitary vehicles, or air transport. Changes will also affect women, escorted by children or pregnant women.

Cars with a green stripe and the words “of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia” in an accident fall infrequently. For three years the accident rate has decreased three times. In 2014 year, there were 13 accidents in the past – the only one.

– Once a woman in a foreign car has sharply braked, van behind slightly touched the bumper. There scratches on the bumper, was not. But angry, says, call the traffic police! And hull is, I suppose, and insurance… but did not want to negotiate. Here and waited for GAI. And inside-that – people convicted… I Thought that, being far from the prison, she had no idea that there is – in the paddywagon. Few people would have guessed.

About the guards, saying little. The main problems identified? As at all – a small salary. This dictates that the majority of drivers and guards come to work from afar – from Tula, Ryazan, Ivanovo, and spend two days, then returned home. Before each departure – examination of health professional mandatory “purge” on alcohol, measurement of pressure: on the route you need to travel healthy: you never know what lies ahead…

When you build the route the driver is permitted to use the Navigator and “Yandex-traffic jams”. All routes are coordinated, but if you follow them meticulously too – will never make it. Staff demonstrate how are briefed as to inspect the vehicle before leaving, even out on the roof of the truck as the vehicle rises, prisoners, closing the door behind them… the Composition of the guard: the driver and at least three consorts. Employees are prohibited to engage podkrovelnye in off-duty conversations. Difficult – with medical assistance if necessary. On the one hand, officers are specially instructed and even trained. On the other – do they have the right to provide such assistance to the prisoners?

– There is no such law, – explains the head of the service. They will start artificial respiration to do, for example, and convicted, God forbid, will die – so they would be guilty… it is Better to call an ambulance.

By the way, the staff of management on escort quite fundamental. They will not take from prison without the consent of the doctor of the sick convict. Sometimes – not take and with the consent of the doctor if you see that a man is bad. And yet will not take the car convicted without clothing for the season coats or jackets, hats, warm shoes. In such cases, they have the right to say no.

Every day special, popularly nicknamed “black crow”, but nothing on the Raven is not like, travels the route, crawling in traffic, stops at traffic lights. He doesn’t have special signals, it is conventional truck with a green stripe. But inside it – the people, dozens of people convicted, with their fatigue and pain, suffering and hope. Motorists, if you suddenly meet you, please give him the way.

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