“The crew of Nikolaev from “KAMAZ-Master” again won the “Dakar”

The Russian team became a 15-time winner of the famous rally-RAID in the trucks

Photo: AP/TASS

– Eduard Nikolaev’s crew from the Russian team “KAMAZ-Master” has protected a title of the champion of the rally-RAID “Dakar” in offset of trucks.

In the General standings of “Dakar”-2018 Nikolaev took the first place.

In second place is Belarusian Alexander Vyazovich (MAZ), the third place was taken by Ayrat Mardeev, also plays for “KAMAZ-Master”. Another member of the Russian team Dmitry Sotnikov, was 10th.

The crew consisted of Nikolaev, Evgeny Yakovlev and Vladimir Rybakov. Nikolaev – a three-time winner of “Dakar”. He had previously won the marathon in 2013 and 2017.

“KAMAZ-Master” is the most titled team of the “Dakar” in offset of trucks. Now she is a 15-time winner of the famous rally-RAID. In second place for wins Tatra (6 times), the third – Mercedes (5).

As for pilots, most often the “Dakar” in the truck class was won by Vladimir Chagin, the current leader of “KAMAZ-Master”, on account of his 7 wins. One victory less in the Czech Karel Loprais. In third place comes Nikolaev – three wins.

The famous rally-RAID “Dakar” in 2018 was launched on 6 January in the capital of Peru Lima and finished on Saturday in the Argentine Cordoba.

Members of the 40th in the history of the rally-RAID broke about 9 thousand kilometers on the territory of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. One of the stages was cancelled due to bad weather.

At the start of the rally-RAID was planned out of 332 teams from 54 countries.

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