Basketball: in a match dedicated to the great coach, CSKA won

Basketball is still the best ball game. For our country, anyway. This reminded Russia and, do not be afraid this word, the world held last Saturday in USZ CSKA match basketball legends, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the great coach Alexander Gomelsky.


Wishing to refute the above thesis, I address to sports statistics – only the Alexander Gomelsky led the national team of the USSR to Olympic gold (1988), the title of world Champions (1967, 1982) and seven-time European Champions (1961, 1963, 1965, 1967, 1969, 1979, 1981). A native CSKA under his leadership, has become a 16-time champion of the USSR, and in 1971 won the European Cup!

Hoping to get an autograph for his grandson, I brought to match the book of Vladimir Gomelsky, the son of a basketball Teacher. But to get to Vladimir Alexandrovich could not, this evening, he was snapped – together with the President of CSKA Andrey Vatutin met the guests, gave interviews and, most importantly, brilliantly, as the best, in my opinion, the commentator of basketball in the country, led this stellar match.

Well, to tell he was someone and something. “Red” (the legends of CSKA, led by coaches Stanislav Eremina and Ivan Edeshko) to “intense” struggle that brought joy to all, he won the same “Blue” (legends of Europe, train wise Dusan Ivkovic) with a score of 56-50.

By the way, the first team of CSKA with the victory over Panathinaikos returned from Athens, attended the game and also enthusiastically applauded the veterans.

Line of the match report really worthy of praise: “the legends of CSKA,” Kudelin (16 points), gentry (16), Morgunov (7), BC (6), Kisurin (2), Yudin (3), Z. Pashutin (3), Shevchuk – the winner of the competition of fans (3), Savrasenko (2), Mikhailov (2), Fetisov (0), Kurashov (0), Bazarevich (0).

“Legends “Europe”: Papaloukas (11), Kutluay (7), Regado (7), Alvertis (6), Smodis (5), Siskauskas (4), Giricek (0), Nwosu (2), Pucca (4), Nesterovich (4), Turkana (0), Katashov (0).

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