Bloody madness

Two teenagers with knives in Perm and one teenager with an axe in Ulan-Ude came to their schools to kill.

The fact that nobody died the accident.

But the fact that the children came to kill anybody, — regularity. Because the schools already shot, stabbed, but nothing seriously was not done.

photo: Alex geldings

We don’t know how to determine the actions of adults: authorities, teachers, parents. Whether they really do not understand what is happening, or pretend not to understand. It is easiest to be terrified, to do big eyes, to give immediate orders meaningless.

For adults, especially for bosses, is the most important “urgent action” to report, to show zeal, while the high Commission flies from Moscow to arriving on the scene, to do the same: to give pointless orders.

Even the blood was washed away in a school corridor, and the management of Ulan-Ude already ordered: first, strengthen the protection of schools; second, every school should be a psychologist.

Throughout Russia went from Moscow the same command: to strengthen protection and to provide psychologists those schools where they are yet.

This internalized concern does not solve problems and it is unlikely someone will save you.


My interlocutors — high specialists in their field:

head of the Department of neuro – and pathopsychology, Moscow state University. University, Professor, doctor of psychological Sciences Alexander Tkhostov;

head of forensic psychological laboratory of the Moscow regional center of forensic psychiatry, doctor of psychological Sciences Victor Golden.

A. M. That will give increased protection?

GULDAN. Real enhanced protection will not stop teen murderers. Simply, they will take their actions outside of school, over the fence.

A. M. What’s a “real gain”? The rung of a metal detector? But keys, phone, knife ring equally. Ceramic knife does not ring at all. A search of each?

GULDAN. Impossible. In large schools of hundreds of children. Imagine the incredible crowd at the entrance for five minutes before the bell. How much time will it take? How many kids will stand in the cold?

KOSTOV. In fact, the Director and teachers know which pupils threat. It happens that girls are not inferior to the cruelty of the boys. Among the juniors, it seems, stabbing it never happens. They can not search.

A. M. If a senior asks a Junior to carry something sharp, it is unlikely Junior will be able to refuse. Let’s talk about your diocese about the immediate provision of all school psychologists. Where to get them and what will be their qualifications? They will cause advantage or harm?

KOSTOV. We always miss it when something happens. We always have one wish: to get everything done in 24 hours. Psychologists in schools is clearly needed. Everywhere else in the world they are. But two days later they will appear. Not tomorrow, not in a year or two. If the state has real plans, we need a lot of work, rather than short-term campaigning. Need thousands of psychologists, and they are not available elsewhere. Formally release a lot, but what quality? Who teaches them?

GULDAN. In Moscow there are good schools, but in the whole country… In the 1970s the Soviet universities produced 150 psychologists per year. Now every year a psychology degree get thousands of people. And the worse the University, the more likely it is that it has the faculty of psychology.

A. M. How would you define a number of relatively good psychologists?

GULDAN. In our opinion, a fit — 10 percent. The 30 percent. The remaining 60% in the best case harmless. A bad therapist is not helping, it is not an empty place. A bad therapist cripples and children, and parents (if they come).

KOSTOV. In addition, nowhere in the world has a psychology degree is insufficient to operate, including in school. This diploma only entitles you to take the exam for the license. A very hard exam. And only the one who ratted him out, allowed to work with children.

GULDAN. In the 1990s, Russia’s Ministry of education decided that the school should be psychologists. Where them to take?

KOSTOV. They were made of the teachers. It was a huge mistake. Sent regular teachers for retraining. Nine months, and they become psychologists. And are still working. And we see the result.

GOLDEN. At school a thousand students to one psychologist is not enough. Need a psychologist in the Junior classes and one senior. Because children aged 7-8 and children in 14-15 is a huge difference, they are completely different problems, requiring different competencies and other knowledge and skills. Now the psychologist is in some sense “accompanies” unsuccessful students. And talking about other issues — about conflicts on work with risk groups. In addition, psychologists engaged in prevention of violence, drug addiction. We need not only a psychologist but also a medical one. Need a clinical psychologist, because regular will not eliminate the problem. That is, each school needs a psychological service.

KOSTOV. Another illusion: if the school psychologist will appear, then the problem will be solved. It’s still what to think: if we have good police work and the court, there will be thieves, rapists, murderers. So it is not that psychologists will eliminate all the troubles, and that they will help to curb growing hard and cruel problems. But the bloody cases are, unfortunately, still are.

Many adults, including journalists, etc., there is a strange illusion: they think children are angels. It’s a lie. Children are very cruel. They are more cruel than adults, because children do not understand and do not sorazmerit, what are the consequences arise from their actions. They are very much suggestible, prone to act recklessly in the group. Therefore, teenagers will always be at risk for aggression, for pregnancy, for drug use. Such is the nature of their behavior.

GULDAN. Now in all remand prisons have psychologists who write specifications for incoming prisoners. It is unimaginable trash and absolutely a waste of public funds. Real psychological service, the school should contact with doctors, police, teachers, the administration, with parents, with the social security authorities.

A. M. How much is all this necessary psychologists?

KOSTOV. The psychologist must do not all of them, only troubled kids. A baby that everything is fine, touch it unnecessarily is not necessary. Talking about how to identify those who have abnormal. They have not yet 100 percent. But soon the problem will be 50 percent.

A. M. You kidding?


A. M. Why so grows the number of problem?

GULDAN. Now the fashion is inclusive education. It is such a humane idea that all children (whatever problems they may be) need to learn together. Before a child with mental retardation, psychotic behavior, aggressiveness, irritability, impaired attention studied separately. Now, the General line: all learning together. It’s very humane, but good intentions pave the road to hell. Because the people who stand up for it, don’t understand how in reality the teachers. If the class will be two such troubled children and 25 normal children, then that would make a teacher? What was he supposed to do? Either those, or these. Great idea: to educate students on tolerance, compassion. Yeah, we to some extent will do. And the problem of learning is solved? Or is it already cancelled?

A. M. Goes, and one problem enough that the teacher is fixated on it.

KOSTOV. Of course. Otherwise it will continuously interfere. If it is quiet, the teacher can ignore it. And if he is violent?

GULDAN. An increasing number of children with irritability, poor memory, fatigue and a number of so-called “desocializing” — not able to adapt in the class because of mental disorders. These children require special medical and psychological support. Therefore, the staff of the school in addition to the usual psychologist must be a clinical (medical) psychologist. And the school must be the levers that allow children particularly difficult to remove.

KOSTOV. Is no such leverage. And to treat such a child or not parents decide. And the parents are ignorant, indifferent, confident that everything is in order. As a result, the poor teacher has no tool to deal with this problem.

GULDAN. And the school has such a tool there to kick some aggressive, pounding every day of children, disrupts lessons. It is his responsibility to teach. But how to do it?

KOSTOV. The story of the massacre, the story of the axe — they are just once again highlighted the problem. Not to say that psychological service in schools is bad. It is not there. At all. First, some no was, but the school lives on municipal money. Municipalities began to save, removed the stakes. Which means the school will hire a psychologist?

GOLDEN. Another danger. Now the Ministry of education there was the Orthodox lobby. Instead of psychologists, they will now be in school to introduce priests. Psychological work will be replaced by rituals, which, of course, will not solve the problems.

A. M. From the poor public schools no money for psychologists. A rich happy family? And expensive schools where psychologists, of course, is everything all right in there?

KOSTOV. Rich kids have terrible problems

A. M. Let’s talk about that next time.

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