Rather in Korea at the Olympic games-2018 our skaters will show the maximum

At the home European championship in Moscow our skaters have lost only three medals. Russia – two gold, four silver, three bronze!

The last evening of the championship was noted for many viewers, just a split personality. Two stars of figure skating, Evgeny Medvedev and Alina Sagitova, come to the Olympic games in a shocking opponents form. “That’s impossible!” said dancer Ivan Bukin, knowing the estimates for their short dance. You can repeat the word savory with regard to the performance of the winning Alina’s first full-time scrum phenomenal skaters.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The emotions of spectators rushing in the desire to reward the dignity of both young, just starting their way in the adult figure skating titled Alina and Zhenya, two years proving that she is a skater-ideal.

Two years we have not seen since Eugene loses. Well, not to think well in all seriousness the only second place in the Grand Prix in 2015? But her world records and the triumphant European and world Championships – made history. Because of the victory “in one gate”, without question, without doubt. Apparently the so easy, from jump to jump increasing the power from performance to performance, perfecting every move.

“Silver is silver, it is difficult to change the value of the coin, the competition itself after a two month break is pretty good” – Jack, as always, considered. Injury, about which we knew nothing until the moment when it was impossible to hide my leg, of course, affected the performance. When the fight is on such a cosmic level – who will allow an extra breath or miss a breath, everything is important.

Eugene admitted in both programs malfunctioning. Alina was so flawless that it just doesn’t fit in the head.

She has masterfully layered elements, giving the first part of any program for immersion of the viewer into the art of sliding and the second was full of difficult jumps. And nobody even thought that 15-year-old star of breath. And it was not the same Alina, which we saw early in the season. For six months, in addition to filigree technique, she was able to literally impregnate itself, and so important artistry.

Sagitova thanked at the press conference, spectators and coaches who “tolerate it”. And give his speech at the European championship in a 4 rating. “It was also the flaws that we discussed coaches. I’ll try to fix them”. This is a clear response to the unasked question to coach Eteri Tutberidze, where it is taken in its group.

Philistine at some point Eteri Tutberidze was even pity when Jack for a moment closed his eyes, waiting for the rating for the long program, and Tutberidze and Daniel Gleichenhaus (he put Medvedeva’s program to “Anna Karenina”) with a questioning look staring at the monitor. Thought is declared then the result is the second! – plunged into confusion even them, let out on the ice for a group of stars (“girls in red”, won the Sochi 2014 Julia Lipnitskaya – to become a bronze at the championship of Russia of this year 14-year-old Alyona Kostina, who won the Junior Grand Prix final). And perfectly understand who was supposed to win due to Moscow rentals. Specific, here and now.

Those eyes closed in the area of tears and kisses Zhenya Medvedev decipher in their own way. “I recorded on “film” this moment. Wanted to show a real website, put all heart and soul in the car. I’ll be ready. Time to play a little, but thank you that it is.” And then, quite another matter – about performances in Korea, and skaters for the first time in the history will be there in the morning – will notice: “the Human body and mind adapt to everything”.

And the new European champion 15-year-old Sagitova says: “I am Pleased that we won, but we should go further”.

And they do both. Europe remained for Alina. According to the law. But the wife’s “tape” recorded a great victory. In Moscow, she did everything I was capable of at the moment. And quite worthless to argue today that Medvedev will never be able to win now Sagitova (or Vice versa). The professionalism of journalists, fans, experts and because in this is the ability to not bump heads, don’t “shoot” the talent of their fabrications, lightning fast today replicable. Orgy Sochi times around Yulia Lipnitskaya should not be forgotten as its effects.

Evgeny Medvedev and Alina Sagitova. We have two stars at the Olympic games in Korea. Gorgeous. The most important Olympic moment has not yet come.

And Carolina Kostner… Third place was awarded to the skater in Moscow. I, like many, I love it for many years. But do not dare say “won”. It is clear that too much has already turned out to be the last sight we have of medals, but still so shamelessly to dilute the Russian presence on the podium was somehow indecent. Even after the short program, the judges indicated that they want to give Carolina, not our Mary Sotskova, piedistallo place, creating a comfortable ten points. And in any Carolina would fail. Masha made a mistake once, and Carolina – many times, but got a fabulous component marks, which allowed her to ascend the pedestal. Wine is, of course, not her. But the sediment remained.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Masha said it’s my fault – it was impossible to make a mistake once. And this is usual for our odinochnits uncompromising assessment of themselves. Although the truth – there was no mistake. “Do not set ourselves the task to beat Carolina. I wanted to prove to myself that I can! Why made a mistake on the Lutz – I don’t know. Will continue fight”.

A Carolina costner, by his own admission, taken away from Moscow is still more positive emotions. “In training it was easy, my body was ready to be playing at a good level, but in an arbitrary moment all had disappeared. I know I need to do before the Olympics”.

What is lost at Carolina, found judge. It was embarrassing for them.

Aliyev and Carol go to Pyeongchang

Gold took home – for the sixth time in a row! – the Spaniard Javier Fernandez. Who else? And here – neither to add nor subtract. The twelfth championship, it is the journalists calculated. Any hints on what is lost motivation and then have nowhere to go.

The standard attitude to the profession. Eighteen-year-old Dmitry Aliev, speaking in Moscow above all praise, the debutant of the championship, losing only to the great Fernandez, and said, “I’m still walking under the table went when Javier was already made”.

Two quadruple toe loop and two triple Axel failed in any program Dima, the former and after the short program the second. The Russian men’s figure skating there is a real competition.

Tournament for our singles was selection – of the three participants, only two can go to Pyeongchang. Dmitry Aliyev is right won very nicely.

Alexander Samarin took the final sixth place after failing to show in Moscow everything is ready. Out of the game was exactly it – and the result of the European championship, and the decision of the expert Council of the Federation of figure skating of Russia, announced the official list of Russian team for Pyeongchang after the tournament.

Mikhail Kolyada was in Moscow for the bronze medal. Medal, of course, she was supposed to be, but got it to Mike this time, not only for their own merit. The fate rewarded, we assume that upfront. This is not the case of judging as that of Carolina Kostner, rivals “podmogli”.

I do not want to inflame passions – Mike can fight. Should! But the experience of Christmas carols already have to find the best for fighting the way to success. When the drop is actually planned because of the alleged problem of jumping, maybe it is still something to change, and not wait for that “everything’s going to pan out”? And make battle with myself: for every jump.

Bobrova-Soloviev found rivals at home

Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev had in any program to prove not only their right on the podium of the European championship (and he after the short dance was the fourth), but that the first pair of the country – they. Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin ahead of seven-time Champions in the first round of the competition and were eager to prove that they intend to change the existing situation. And yet the Duo of Olympic Champions Sochi (team tournament) on three points ahead of the future debutant of the Olympic games.

“Spurs us on in the national team competition,” stated Dmitri Soloviev. But Kate is absolutely stunning in the most difficult free program, admitted that in the four years that have passed since Sochi, they became absolutely others. “Dima has changed. We are not comparable with those of Katia and Dima. It’s different. We are waiting for the invitation from the IOC and hope that we will go to his third Olympics, the situation in which we find ourselves, a bit worried”.

Katya was suspended from races in the presence of traces of Meldonium in the samples, the Duo missed the world Cup, but the suspension was later lifted. The Commission the IOC, as it is known, checks all the history of Russian athletes applying to participate in the Games. Logic dictates that Katie should not be, but the logic of the IOC are not always at odds. I want to believe that is nothing to worry about.

Sasha Stepanova and Ivan Bukin’s probably upset that we failed to maintain second place. But he said that happy the third was the bronze medalist of European championship, and then the podium two years “not given”. “We fixed all of the errors made in the championship of Russia, we are satisfied, – said Ivan. – I will not say that everything worked to the maximum, you can always add”.

At the European Championships came a time when and in the dancing we were forced to experience a split personality. Both the Duo raised podium after the presentations. Both Duo was good. Experienced Italian competitors Anna Capellini and Luca Lanotte were in fourth place, against the background of our dancers they just lost.

And leadership Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron in Moscow was not discussed. Magic power of art. The French did not give again to doubt that in Europe today they have no equal, has renewed two world records – in any and the sum of the two programs. At the Olympics they will try to compete with Canadians Tessa Virtu and Scott moir, but it will be a dispute between two of the duets (of course, when riding without not even one, but a series of mistakes). But for the third place battle will unfold. And Russian athletes clearly have to participate in it.

…The European championship in Moscow was good. The entire podium in the Russian pairs opened the conquest of Europe, and then we took all that had. It was the last start before the Olympic games. Olympic athletes from Russia will be in Korea to show the maximum.

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