The little theatre will produce the play about the Turmoil on the novel Medina

The little theatre in the new season is planning production of a play based on the novel of the Minister of culture, Vladimir Medinsky, “the Wall”. It will be about time of Troubles and the history of false Dmitry I.


The premiere is scheduled for may 2018, its working title is “Smolensk Saga. The atonement,” writes RBC with reference to sources close to the leadership of the theater.

One of the interlocutors of the publication argues that participation in the play was one of the reasons for the return to “Small” of the actor Igor Petrenko. The artist of this information has not commented.

Artists Vasily Zotov and Alexander kljukvin confirmed that the play is about the Turmoil. According to them, the theater’s management has already issued orders on the distribution of actors for the roles in the play.

Meanwhile, the artistic Director of the theater Yuri Solomin said RBC that “nothing is”, but noticed that Medina “is a good book “the Wall””. The General Director Tamara Mikhailova, in turn, said that such a performance in the theater “not planned”.

Medina has published a novel “the Wall” in 2012. The book is dedicated to the defense of Smolensk — one of the main events of the Russo-Polish war of XVII century — the time of Troubles. Earlier staging of the play based on the novel Medina was interested in the Moscow art theatre. Gorky. It was led by Director Valery belyakovich, but after his death in December 2016, the project was closed.

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