Chinese geneticists have learned to clone people

The researchers, representing the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the first time they were able to successfully clone a macaque, creating two individuals, identical cloned animal from a genetic point of view.


Experts used technology, almost no different from that with which the previously cloned the famous Dolly the sheep. Previously it was thought that this approach may not be suitable for cloning of primates and the first attempts of Chinese experts, indeed, was not successful. However, after making a number of changes in the technology (in particular, using the current to simulate the fertilization of the egg), they were able to obtain clones. At the moment, one of the macaques eight weeks and the other six, they are healthy and are in the incubator.

According to experts, a successful experiment with primates can be considered a proof that the method should be applicable to human cloning. The only obstacle to such an experiment, according to scientists from China, remain ethical issues that such actions inevitably cause. However, experts emphasize that to clone human beings in their plans, in any case, is not included. At the same time, the creation of macaques clones, according to scientists, may be to bring to mankind the benefit if you use these animals in medical research.

The study was published in the journal Cell.

It is worth noting that human cloning is not the only question that provokes the curiosity of genetics and the protests of various public figures, and in some other cases, public debate is even more intense. With the critical attitude of the public face, including experiments on the editing of the genome of a human embryo, the growing of human organs in the bodies of animals, the birth of children “from three parents” and so on. While supporters of the research studies described above point out that they can bring huge benefits to mankind — in particular, animals with human organs could save lives, which is currently donor organs is not enough.

It is worth noting that some people believe is not straightforward from an ethical point of view, and experiments on monkeys — in some countries even there are discussions

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