The student fell under the wheels of a subway train, after learning about an impending expulsion

Under the wheels of trains of the Moscow metro around 9 am 25 January killed a student of the Metropolitan energy of the University. 17-year-old boy fell onto the tracks in front of an approaching train at the station “Schukinskaya” and received injuries incompatible with life.

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As it became known “MK”, Sergey (name changed) was born to a family of engineers. Grandfather and father with the mother from the beginning of the work work in this area. So parents wanted the firstborn to follow in their footsteps. Granted, the guy made on paid training in a specialized institution (an exception was made for the younger brother and gave it to study at the musical school in piano). But, apparently, the boy had absolutely no interest in classes. He’s in his record book had many unsatisfactory grades and absenteeism — if Sergey did not close the tails to January 26, the boy could face expulsion from the University. The student knew that physically can’t put in order their Affairs and somehow have to tell the parents the bad news. This thought haunted the teenager, and he didn’t know what to do.

— I stood on the platform a meter away from the deceased. He was kind of pensive and stared blankly at the opposite wall. After a couple of minutes began to approach the train. When the train came up to me, he suddenly took a step and fell on the rails, — the eyewitness told the tragic incident.

Sergei’s friends describe him as very shy and quiet young man who wouldn’t hurt a fly. But, according to classmates, he was transformed on the stage — the student played a leading role in the local team of KVN. Terrible news about the tragic death of a comrade was all a real shock.

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