Scientists have called the most unusual ways to bring a woman to orgasm

British newspaper the Daily Mail presented a selection of recent research on factors that influence sexual attractiveness of men in the eyes of women or on the likelihood of women to experience orgasm. Many of the items in the published list look at least strange, however, in most cases, the authors refer to professionals who are seriously dedicated to an unusual topic of scientific research.


As stated in a recent scientific works, socks on the feet of women, paradoxically, increase the likelihood that she will get an orgasm during sex. Despite the reputation of socks as an attribute, rather discourages intimacy, Dutch researchers came to the conclusion that without them women reach orgasm only in 50 percent of cases, but if socks are worn 80 percent.

As stated in other research, women often feel that the body of men with a long nose contains a lot of testosterone, which increases the likelihood of these people for success in a relationship. Also women find attractive Golden skin tone, which, as stated, may appear, if you add to your diet high in carrots.

Another study showed that women find more sexually attractive men in t-shirts or simply a large letter “T” on the chest — according to experts from Nottingham Trent University, it makes the shoulders of the men look wider and the waist — because of what the representative of the stronger sex subconsciously perceived as more sporty.

Probably the weirdest and in some sense even repulsive pattern was the observation that women are attracted to men similar to their brethren. However, according to Scottish scientists, nothing overly unusual about this, because people often subconsciously seek to procreate with those who are not too similar to them, but not overly different, so people who are not relatives, but with them having some similarities, involuntarily attract attention.

Last year, researchers from the University of Vienna came to the conclusion that girls are more likely to feel sympathy for the young man, if this is the music that they like. The researchers attribute this to the fact that the subconscious mind interprets takes pleasure heard for the joy of communicating with a man and, as a result, sympathy for him. It is argued that men like affected to a lesser degree.

To increase the probability that a woman is interested in man, not only what she sees or hears, and smells that she feels. It is argued that in experiments unexpectedly “exciting” turned out, including the smell of cucumber.

Two points, to some extent, contradict each other. With one hand, experts from the UK say that women (particularly seeking for long term relationships) often find it more attractive selfish men admiring a. On the other hand, their colleagues noticed that women find very attractive men who have the ability to feel guilty (as suggested by the authors of the second study, a guilty face can give hope, albeit often false, that a man does not commit one or another action again).

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