“You made me”: the Dagestani police ride on the hood “Volga”

In Makhachkala looking for autocad face on the hood of his black “Volga” the traffic police inspector. It is noteworthy that even once in the role of the victim, the police officer continued to shoot the offender on a mobile phone.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

The video, which Makhachkala traffic police inspector rides, lying on the hood of the car, appeared on the community page, “Speak, Dagestan” in Instagram.

As explained in the interior Ministry, the police tried to believe the documents of the driver, who parked in the wrong place. However, the demand is not complied with only stronger pressed the gas pedal.

The COP didn’t panic and jumped on the hood. “You mene did? You me did?”indignantly exclaimed the inspector, continuing to shoot what is happening on the phone.

In the end the owner of “Volga” had to stop. Getting rid of meticulous security officer, the offender took off and disappeared. According to police, the identity of the citizen is already installed in the machine room, it is waiting for criminal prosecution.

In Makhachkala the inspector of GAI “ride” on the hood _ _ At the request of an inspector to stop the driver somehow reacted just the opposite. He even stronger to hit the gas and, thus, hire the inspector on the hood of his car.The incident happened on one of the streets of the capital of Dagestan. The traffic officer was patrolling his area, and ended up on the hood of a black “Volga”. This episode was filmed on a mobile phone camera. Video citizens placed in social networks.The police on the hood, incidentally, also began to remove the events on video, apparently for further evidence of what happened. However, he quite emotionally said: “You mene did?»

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