Andrei Gradov – about stealing cars: the leak came from the showroom

Honoured artist of Russia Andrey Gradov suspects employees of well-known dealership of involvement in the theft on Sunday night his new cars. Guard of the yard of the house on the street Chervonoarmiyska admitted she slept through the crime.

photo: still from the film

As it became known “MK”, black “Toyota Camry” 63-year-old Grad, who played more than eighty roles in Soviet and Russian cinema (among them, “the meeting Place cannot be changed” (as If Taraskina), bought a month and a half ago at a big car show. The machine has a cost of 2 million rubles. The “iron horse” defended two alarms, however this did not stop the gangster easily get in the car, parked at the end of the yard. This house, incidentally, fenced, security guard was sitting in the booth. His duty included the supervision of gate entries and passing transport. But shortly before the theft lock on the gate was broken and just hanging. Machine Gradova passed the duty around 5.00, he didn’t even see her as sleeping — he confessed to investigators. And cameras on the surrounding grounds at all. “Toyota Camry” with the offender behind the wheel was caught on CCTV on the Leningrad highway, then trail machine disappeared.

Investigators immediately upset Gradova – say, to find a car almost impossible. The actor himself did not notice the spy car, he believes that leaked information about buying a car from the salon, as there was all the information about the residence of the buyer. Although the car is insured for hull, but the full amount of 2 million rubles, he does not get, as the amortization. Plus Gradov mind the time — all of these activities with the insurance company will need at least 3 months.

Be the first to know about incidents: this was “breaking news” in the Telegram.

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