Arrested her husband strangled while Jogging French

In France arrested a suspect in resonance murder of a young resident of the town of Gray-La-Ville (Haute-saône). A woman murdered during her jog in the autumn of last year.


As reported RIA Novosti, 29-year-old Alexia Duval went for a run at the end of October last year. A few days later, her charred remains were discovered in a wooded area.

Criminologists have found that the woman was first stunned and then strangled. The circumstances of the disappearance was known only to her spouse.

Three months later, 34-year-old husband of a Frenchwoman was arrested on suspicion of her murder.

Note that the murder of Alexia called in France a huge public outcry. Residents in social networks has agreed to hold a brainstorming run in memory of the dead.

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