At the Rotterdam festival Anatoly Vasiliev compared himself and Serebrennikov with donkeys

At the 47th Rotterdam festival debut of auteur cinema and the audience were placed in the carotid hotel suggested to take a NAP to the sound of the cameras, proving that a normal person is a donkey. Like Anatoly Vasiliev or Kirill Serebrennikov. And he was destined to die.

A scene from the movie “Eight paintings from the life of Anastasia Sokolova”. Photo:

Start your life at the festival to enter his direction and mood, do the best with the hotel “Kinoton”. It is a gigantic installation, invented by a famous Thai film Director, winner of the “Palme d’or” at the Cannes film festival with Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Walk into a room reminiscent of the cinema hall, is a hotel room without walls, open for all to see. Is a single or double bed, includes night light on the bedside table. Other the hotel is located on the other levels.

Look in the circle of the screen, as the window where the shots of archival film and something recent — landscapes, sea, boat, ill child, to which the doctor comes. Have a kind of strange sleeping sickness, which covered the heroes of the film Weerasethakul “Graveyard of glitter.” They are, however, transferred to the hospital, and then hotel provided. Guests can live in it from 16 hours to 12 the next day. Breakfast included. Many of the festival’s films covered a bizarre fantasies so that I do not understand where reality and dream.

In short the competition was attended by Russian painting “Eight paintings from the life of Anastasia Sokolova” Alina Kotova and Vladlena’s Sandu, the character is at the end of the faculty of journalism is trying to get a job. Vladlena Sandu in the past year it participated in the competition of short films with the autobiographical film “Holy God”, which was produced by her wykowski master Alexey Uchitel. Now we were shown a series of almost still images-cards, replacing each other. On them — frozen people, but certainly something evidence life: rushing waterfall, swaying branches of trees. This is a story about how about 4.7 million young people get diplomas, and then they can have a chasm of emptiness. Anastasia Sokolova is one of them: “My choice is to hang around”. Parties, guys, graduation, love in the room, projectionist. “There’s no money but you keep” — says the Prime Minister.

And then again the cycle of events: phone call, interview, printed in the metro summary. Miss. Plump. Brothel. But brothel work is not dusty — welcome guests: receive a salary of migrant workers, Horny pensioners, accurate and bandits. It happens that a lot of clients, a prostitute is one — dismissal, followed by another indifferent work trainee in television, where “not yet paid”. In General, the worthless life of a worthless generation. Say, “Nonsense.” Maybe so, but then all life is nonsense, and it is home to thousands of very young people.

Alexey Fedorchenko, Director of the film “Ovsyanki”, “Celestial wives of the meadow Mari”, “Angels of revolution” (almost all of them were shown in Rotterdam), has introduced a new feature film “War Anna”, at the end of which was looking for funds from its potential viewers: the state did not give money, but he didn’t. “War Anna” tells the story of six-year-old Jewish girl, remaining after the death of her mother all alone. The events take place in 1941 in the occupied territory. What exactly — not specified, but the sounds of Ukrainian speech. The girl hiding in the school, reminiscent of a Museum, with a stuffed wolf, preserved organisms, tattered textbooks. Now here is the German commandant. But everything is so conditional that it is not necessary to find out details.

The girl was forgotten, and she selects from his hiding place mostly at night. Hunger makes you work the head. The girl will be able to survive by licking the backs of books, drinking water after water-colours, I could just make a coat out of a stuffed wolf. Everything is filmed in tight spaces, exactly in the Elevator or closet, but with this artistic task and attracted the Director. Perhaps he was too fond of formal searches and has put himself in a cage. The script is written Fedorchenko together with Natalia Mishaninoj, which is more typical of female logic, even quite young creature. The movie was shot great cameraman Alisher Hamidhodzhaev, intentionally or by coincidence created on the screen is too conventional, devoid of the reality of the world. But this phenomenon Fedorchenko — create half dreams.

Another unexpected premiere — a three hour documentary film “Donkey” prominent theater Director Anatoly Vasilyev. This is his second premiere in Rotterdam. 30 years ago, first showed his famous performance “serso”, opened him the way to Europe. How to watch this film where the screen is replaced by another one donkey, and they all look at us with sad eyes, while people struggling with their invincible obstinacy? “First of all, nothing to think, because before you is the story of the ass, — said Vasilyev. — A donkey — an animal in which there are people. He asks you to be attentive to his fate.”

Vasiliev waited a long time until he appeared to him this character: ten years have passed since the beginning of filming, and then worked quickly — 30 autumn days and two weeks of spring. The donkey saw the lens and engage in communication. It took a while to learn to enter into the life of a donkey. This especially has been the girl exceptional ability, who found reciprocity with the animal. Three of his operators Vasiliev taught to not shoot the eye and body, based on Chinese art that I had studied. Filmed on the camera. It is like the invisible man. “It’s a game of concreteness and conventionality, metaphysics and reality,” — said Vasilyev.

The camera was tied to the leg of a donkey, but these fragments will be included in another film. The story of the donkey for Vasiliev’s not finished. Another novel 12 novels. While we saw eight. “I rented donkey racing and all around them. Every new day more and more discovered the secret of the work that needs to removed. I was joking with himself, ashamed of this joke, that it’s an autobiography. The literary basis has become a necessity. I wanted a donkey talked. But he can do only by becoming a tool of silent cinema. And then I turned to my personal experience, Tonino Guerra (in the last years of his life we were friends) and the Italian author Luigi Pirandello, who spent most of his life. And the last author whom I have taken for sacred metaphysical things, Heiner müller’s “Medea. Material.» When he came up with that should be the talking donkey in the amphitheatre — put of Apuleius. All this was before the events with Director Serebrennikov. When events began with Cyril, I realized that this is the most accurate. For me was important contraposition: an ass — man. This helped me Pirandello. Also important is the contraposition: Hell, Paradise or Life. I choose this film life.”

When Vasiliev asked if he asked trainers, he emotionally said, “Oh! For the donkey it’s impossible. This animal does not stand up to taming. You can only go after him. But when you go after him, he becomes very sensitive. Amazing animal.» In the movie, the donkey killed, driven to the slaughterhouse and straightened. Vasiliev explains that so there is a culling process, when a certain number of donkeys for the license to kill. Italians eat donkey meat. Well people… He is “destined to be killed, if he is a man”.

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