Pianist Ghindin congratulated his colleague: say “Trifonov” mean “Grammy»

Gergiev, Trifonov after the victory at the Tchaikovsky competition in 2011-m to year, has repeatedly said that gold medal Daniel is not random (as if there is criticism or complaining) — so he is bound to confirm its integrity, artistic fortress and further development. And so it was. Thanks Gergiev, Daniel had a lot pokemoncorn concerts around the world, a sort of test of strength. This a great marathon it was at one time the 20-year — old- stand, and — before that — wins at prestigious competitions of Chopin, Rubinstein and Tchaikovsky… And now in the Bank it wins the Grammy!

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Of course, the hand does not rise call now Dane, Daniel, Daniel O. (rapidly he took off — I don’t know how to call) a kind of “Nizhny Novgorod pianist”, as it slipped now in other news. Yes, he was born at the Bottom, and about their native land does not forget, but since 2009, he studied in Cleveland at the famous pedagogue Sergei Babayan, so he had been a man of peace, and even, according to media reports, last summer expecting to get a green card in the United States…

— Of course, I was so scared that I will not be enough until the end, — it shared impressions after the announcement of the results of the “Tchaikovsky” is so hard to find any emotional strength, but I helped write masters such as Gilels and sofronitzki… And now you just want to relax. Indulge in their hobby, to wander, to travel, will go so kilometers to thirty, and get lost — great!

Daniel has repeatedly said that he considers himself a Russian, despite a long stay in the West, recalled Rachmaninoff, also lived in America. His success in recent years is impressive — election to the Board of Directors of the New York Philharmonic, and the prize of the Herbert von Karajan, and a lot more often. At the Grammys he was nominated several times, and finally, its cycle recording “Transcendental etudes” by Franz Liszt takes the prize in the category “best classical instrumental solo album”. The critics love it!

Daniel congratulates him a senior colleague of the famous pianist Alexander Ghindin also knows the teacher Trifonov — Sergei Babayan:

— I perfectly know the work of Daniel, many listened to him, says Gindin, I highly appreciate him as a pianist and as a musician. What it attracts me most is its amazing flexibility. The flexibility of the musical language. The non-inertness of the soul. Easy movement of the soul. And it is transferred to the hand because the hand is a tool. With pleasure and often listen to his recordings of Chopin that I really like its unobtrusive. They have no rigidity. Sure recording sketches Sheet as elegant. So congratulations from the heart with “Grammy”!.

— But these “Transcendental etudes” of Liszt — than they are complex than interesting for a pianist?

— Well, first of all, like any studies, they are interesting the joy of movement. They are all difficult in this transcendental sense, very spectacular, but there are 3-4 hard study, there is not so important the number of hatched hours to learn how important a natural inclination to this type of technology. So, for example, without congenital lung of double notes “Stray lights” to play impossible. That is impossible as I want to hear them. No, any music as a spectator you can sit through, but if the pianist to this natural predisposition, it will get better. General studies Worksheet — wonderful music, this is pure high romance, so they still live, using the love of pianists and the public.

And he, as a pianist, they fit?

Yes, Yes, of course. And it’s not only in natural things, — he on the store the pianist universal. Besides the composer himself, very good music. I heard his piano Concerto.

— There is a belief that those who win major competitions, in particular on the “Tchaikovsky”, one-time flare up, and then do something… But to Daniel it is not true?

— This brand does not belong to him. And it is impossible to say that his musical fate was only because of the Tchaikovsky competition. It is formed due to the fact that, first, it has data that is necessary for an artist of such high rank, and, secondly, just the time it came. I long before the Moscow competition knew that Trifonov is a student of Sergei Babayan, with whom I am well acquainted and friends. He told me then — “I have absolutely wonderful guy, but I’m specifically not allowed on the contests, knowing that he just take and he would go concerts; yet do not want — have to study.” Now, Daniel learned. And then it became almost simultaneously the winner of three major competitions — Chopin, Rubinstein and Tchaikovsky.

So, with all due respect and reverence to the Tchaikovsky competition, this is not the Tchaikovsky competition brought him into the world. So would have happened anyway, such a fate.

— Wise position of the teacher…

— Babayan — the great educator. Great in the understanding of his disciples — who specifically, what specifically should be taught. He feels it as a locator. And it has yielded results. “Grammy” — the next big win of Daniel. This is a reason to be proud of, and my most sincere congratulations from the heart!

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