Russian composer appreciated a Grammy for a song about Putin: “a Raised hat”

American singer-songwriter and composer Randy Newman received a Grammy award for best instrumental arrangement made for the song “Putin,” whose author he is. About this respectable public informed the website of the organizer of the ceremony.

“MK” asked the Russian composer Vladimir Evzerov, author of many hits that sounded in the performance of local stars: Leontiev, Kobzon, singer, the assumption and others to comment on, is it really a good arrangement to this song that beat out the competition by Justin Hurwitz with the arrangement of the song “Another Day Of Sun” from the film “La La land”, as well as the tracks “Every Time We Say Goodbye” (and its author Jorge Calandrelli) and “I Loves You Porgy” Shelly Berg.

A frame from the video for the song “Putin”.

— First of all, it should be noted that the arrangements evaluated by musicians not as an independent work, namely, as a musical frame of the song. That is, the more hits arranger in the song, the more valuable his work, — said Vladimir Evzerov. — In this case Randy Newman in his song got to 100 percent. If he’d just rivet fashion sounds, the jury would not appreciate, but the absolute enters the material and brought the author his musical “Oscar”.

— What does “hit song”, what exactly should it say?

— It so happens that when a song is just a piano, she’s very attractive, and gave to the arrangement and that something was missing, disappeared some musical drive. And sometimes Vice versa: the song itself is so-so, and after the arrangements sounded suddenly with real power.

Randy Newman. Photo: facebook@RandyNewman

There’s a option: initially “so so” or just good?

— It was originally thought out as a hit. Thing driving, unformatted, for the musical direction closer to edkomu mini-musical. But of course it’s not the stuff where you can show vocals or artistic skill of the performer. In history, it is unlikely to remain. Only if the fact of receiving a Grammy for a song dedicated to the Russian President. By the way, eight years ago, Randy Newman already had experience of political exploitation of the theme: then upon selection by President Barack Obama, he was presented to the audience the song “I’m Dreaming”, which is sung from the person of the lyrical hero who dream that the President was a white man.

— Many of your songs written on verses of poets of the Silver age — as you can see this text: “can He drive a giant tractor/Via the TRANS-Siberian plain,/He can run a nuclear reactor/the Left hemisphere of his brain./And when he takes his shirt off, He drives women crazy./When he takes his shirt off, I want to be a woman.”

— This text carries the inner element of irony, but at the same time, there exists a veiled, if not admiration, then certainly the recognition of certain advantages for sure. This is not flattering flattery, and politely raised a hat. I think from a literary point of view in English it sounds a lot smoother — after all, we read the translation. Of course, it’s not high poetry, but it is a quality text material, written with humor and that direct smoothing flirting with a top name.

— Grammy award for best arrangement in 2017 was awarded to Jacob Collier for the Flintstones — theme music from the eponymous animated series, and in 2016-m — Maria Schneider in “sue” by the late great David Bowie. Today’s award is a step back?

The answer is obvious: the notion of PR in show business, was not invented in Russia. The award “Grammy”, I think, to a large extent determined the name of Putin, so the President our may share the triumph Randy Newman.

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