Scientists have found an additional obstacle for long space flights

An additional obstacle to manned missions to distant Solar system objects discovered by scientists at Charite hospital in Berlin. It turned out that in addition to weakening of bone tissue, and also the danger caused by solar and cosmic radiation, they can worry about factors such as space fever that occurs in microgravity.

Doctors studied the data of the astronauts working on the International space station, and came to the conclusion that the temperature rises immediately on arrival to the ISS, and after a few months. On average, the difference between space and the earth’s temperature subjects is one degree that is on Board the astronauts usually fixed 37°. One of the participants of the study, the Hanns-Christian Gunga, also notes that during exercise the temperature of the astronauts on Board sometimes jumped up to 40°.

He notes that the study was non-stop, in the experiment participated in turn 11. It was used by the sensors for fixing the slightest temperature changes in the arterial blood, which was pasted to the members of the space crew on the forehead. These sensors showed the slightest oscillations of the Central temperature of the body in microgravity.

In the end, scientists came to the conclusion that the temperature aboard the ISS was increased for a number of reasons, the factors of the lack of certain ground conditions. For example, the required speed of evaporation of sweat, which needs to cool the body.

As commented in the Institute of biomedical problems of RAS the issues related to perspiration , was studied by our scientists since the dawn of space exploration, when developing the first spacesuits. And because serious deviations from the norm, scientists have found some deeper research on this subject was conducted. The difference in one degree, in principle, valid in a closed pressurized facility, which is the ISS, and complaints from astronauts to fever were reported. As for the excess temperature in sports, it is also a normal phenomenon, which is fixed on the Ground. In any case, the study of Hanns-Christian Gung interesting, because it so purposefully body temperature in space is not yet studied.

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