The schoolgirl, whose body was found in Lyubertsy, left a letter

The message for parents is found near Moscow law enforcement officers in the room 15-year-old schoolgirl, who was found dead under the Windows of the houses in Lyubertsy on January 26.


As it became known “MK”, the tragic incident occurred about half past four in the evening. Alice (name changed) was pretty focused. She was raised by her mother and stepfather, the family was also a younger girl — woman’s daughter from the last marriage. Alice went bad (it even almost left on the second year, the child had to take the tails before the beginning of the school year), almost no one was friendly. More or less close relationship it is linked with two classmates — a brother and sister who, like Alice, except for her no one spoke. Teachers as he could, trying to draw the attention of parents on the mental condition of the child. They are urged to show the pupil the doctor. But the mother in written form refused from medical examination.

The body of a child under the Windows of the first floor found a bystander – the girl was still alive. The man called the medical team. Doctors hospitalized the teenager to a local hospital. As I might have fought for the patient’s life, but two hours later she died without regaining consciousness. Police during the inspection of the apartment on the 6th floor, where she was a girl discovered at the TV, in the nursery, a glued label from a gum piece of paper in the box. In it Alice asked nobody to blame for what happened.

On this fact investigators of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region criminal case is opened. Security officers will check, was if the girl in some “group of death” and was not in the family of domestic violence.

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