The Seine overflowed, hundreds of residents of Paris evacuated

Monday, January 29, the water level in the French Seine rose to the level of 5.84 meters. This value is close to the figure of 6.1 meters, made during the flood in Paris in 2016. Now about 1.5 thousand residents of the capital region of France had been evacuated by the rescue services of the country, while about the same number of Parisians were without electricity. The cause of the flooding is considered excessive rains that hit the French capital.

photo: AP

Monday-Seine prohibited shipping – ban popular tourist river boat. The Russian foreign Ministry has warned Russian citizens about the flood in Paris and the closure of several railway stations in the French capital.

In connection with the incident of the Paris museums, including the world-famous Louvre, attempting to save the exhibits and to prevent possible damage. So, in the museums of Orsay and Orangerie were canceled evening visit, scheduled for Thursday, February 1. And the Louvre is temporarily shut down for visitors to the lower floors, which houses a collection of Islamic art.

Practically flooded there was a famous statue of a soldier of the obvious one is the sunglasses on the bridge of the Alma, which traditionally is used to measure the water in the river. The people believed that when the water in the straw rises to the knees of the obvious one is the sunglasses, the flood – medium level of risk. Now the water reached the level of the hip of the statue, we are talking about a serious threat.

The swollen Seine peaks at more than four metres above its normal level, leaving a lengthy mop-up job for Parisians

— AFP news agency (@AFP) January 29, 2018

However, among the Parisians, there are those who find advantages in this situation, desperate “lovers of floods”, which are floating down the river on boats, the police struggle with these cases and calls them “extremely dangerous.”

French meteorological Agency said that the period from December 2017 to January 2018 was one of the rainiest in the history of observations since 1900.

The head of the state service of the region’s ecology Jerome Goellner said: “the Return to normalcy will occur only a few weeks.”

The swollen Seine River reached its peak on Monday – more than four meters above its normal level.

Around 1,500 people have been evacuated from their homes in the greater Paris region.

— dwnews (@dwnews) on 29 January 2018.

At the moment from rising water levels affected mainly the suburbs of Paris as in the city centre the river passes through a deep channel, which reduces the risk of flooding.

Recall that in June last year due to prolonged rains in some areas of France have already been extensive flooding. Then the water level in the Seine within the city limits of Paris rose to record levels in the last 34 years — above six feet.

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