Again “orekhovskaya” solved the assassination of high-ranking police officer 20 years ago

The big businessman of the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region detained on suspicion in attempt at the high-ranking militiaman. In this story two spicy moment: the guard tried to kill almost 20 years ago, and in his youth the victim and the alleged attacker were in the service together!

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As earlier told “MK”, under the bullets of the killer 3 Dec 1998 were the Deputy chief of Department on struggle with organized crime of Department of internal Affairs of the Central district Nikolay Petrov. Two killers were waiting for him in a KIA minibus near the metro station “Sviblovo”. When the guard passed by, a shot rang out. Despite the fact that the killer was aiming at the head, his hand at the last moment flinch, and the bullet passed on a tangent, touching his neck and ear. Thanks to this 40-year-old captain was still alive.

The crime caused a wide resonance. After this was arranged a large-scale RAID, investigators checked all available in the city of machines of the same brand, in return detained dozens of thieves in law and criminal authorities. After two weeks on suspicion of assault, was detained the Grigorian brothers, trading on the wholesale market in the district of Novokosino. Detain them. They immediately admitted that they had a countryman and offered for 10 thousand dollars “to deal with one person.” In the help they were given signs of the victim, her daily routine and address. The alleged customer of a crime Arcapita Manukian, who controlled the trade on several wholesale markets, failed to catch. At the same time put forward the theory that the bandits, who settled in the capital, are unable to build bridges with robotami, so decided to intimidate them.

However, after 19 years, suddenly surfaced another version. Investigators came to the conclusion that Petrov was trying to eliminate the famous members of the orekhovskaya gang — captain has led the development of a powerful gang. But directly to the attack allegedly involved well-known businessman and public figure of Odintsova 53-year-old Sergei Vyalkov. Ironically, the businessman together with Petrov he is serving. After the army, they maintained good relations – only one went into business and the other devoted his life to the fight against organized crime. Now Petrov already retired.

As we found out “MK”, testimony at Vyalkov gave one of the regular killer of the Orekhovskaya OPG Sergey Butorin named Osia, who is serving a life sentence for a series of assassinations. Name Vyalkov at the time connected with “peanuts” and even called him by the Treasurer of the gang. Vyalkov also strongly supported the then head of Odintsovo district Alexander Gladyshev — there were rumors that he even paid the cost of official banquets and overseas trips. He did not remain in debt — helped the businessman to promote large market, “Avtomoll”. Today Vyalkov not only owns several companies in the Odintsovo district, and heads of local public Foundation of support of party “United Russia”.

In the course of preventive measure in the Basmanny court of Moscow the representative of the Prosecutor General’s office was asked not to detain the businessman, because the materials of the case are dubious evidence of his guilt, but justice eventually granted the petition of the investigating authorities. But it didn’t help. “Manager of LLC “SV Fitness” Sergei Vyalkov was arrested till March 9,” – said the “MK” the press-Secretary of the court Juno Tsarev. Concerning it criminal case under article 317 of the criminal code “Encroachment on life of the employee of law enforcement body”. He faces 20 years in prison.

He Vyalkov, according to relatives, had a presentiment of this development and were looking for a lawyer. However, he denies guilt, and the protection of fundamentally disagree with the conclusions of the investigation and intends to appeal against: “Vyalkov has no relation to this crime. This is absurd. This version does not even believe the victim”.

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