“Death of Stalin” will close the Rotterdam film festival

At the 47th film festival Rotterdam debut and author’s cinema showed the film “Bag without a bottom” the Russian master, the most exquisite Russian Director Rustam Khamdamov, who is the best fit to the context of the pilot of the festival.

Rustam Khamdamov with Elena Morozova. Photo: Olga Surkova.

“A bag without a bottom” was born in a strange way — out of scenarios of application of the state for children. Hamdamov loosely adapted the Novella “In the thicket” by Japanese writer ryunosuke Akutagawa, which in 1950 turned Akira Kurosawa in the film rashomon. “It all happened by chance, says Khamdamov. — I could take the Russian tale, choose another story. All that has been accumulated inside, I had to put in some plot twists. Not great. I haven’t seen the movie “rashomon” for forty years, did not re-read recently the story of “In the thicket”. It was necessary to depart from it, not to be like him”. From Japan the XIII century the action moved to the era of Alexander II. The maid of honor, played by Svetlana Nemolyaeva, reads the Prince a story about the murder of Tsarevich. Behind the reality of watching people mushrooms. They do gymnastics in the woods. Princess, reminiscent of the Swan Princess with paintings by Vrubel, played by Elena Morozova, is lovely, like a goddess. Hamdamov worked on the painting for more than five years. “The hardest thing in cinema is to give you money. Then you can compose endlessly. But nobody gives”, — his recognition he many astonished.

Khamdamov shot black and white film and even made a Declaration of love to a silent movie. “There is a phrase famous French poet that Leo is full of well-digested lamb. I know and love silent films, constantly turning to it because I have it overcooked, like a lion. The actor who played the robber, I was invited to see the film “the Passion of Joan of Arc” by Dreyer, to understand how Italian actress in silent films portrays Joan. And I have smelled the flower as she was, and immediately became a multivalued”, — said the Director.

From wrapping paper, rags found at “Mosfilm”, he created such magnificence, on what is capable in our movie he’s one. In Rotterdam Hamdamov said: “If you have in mind there is no fiction, it is in itself a good story”. He wanted non-professional actors, or rather, professionals who have forgotten about who they are, and only one actress. He invited Svetlana Nemolyaeva, who played one of the first in the Tennessee Williams play “a Streetcar named “Desire” that Hamdamova significantly. All others had nothing to play, be children.

Svetlana Nemolyaeva with chocolate tiger’s head — the emblem of the festival.

Rotterdam, the actors are not invited, only Directors. But Hamdamov brought Nemolyaeva. She was happy, hugging chocolate tiger head, which is awarded to all participants. “It was very interesting to do because I live in a completely different world of acting, working in theatre, firmly following the traditions of the realistic theatre. I’m in the profession for more than 50 years. The meeting with Rustam — a different view of their existence. He is a man of the Renaissance”, — said Nemolyaeva. One day came and Elena Morozova. She remembered how hard it was to blindly follow the Director: “You can walk, and you teach to do it again. Sometimes I didn’t know what I was doing as an actress”.

Guest of the festival was British actress Charlotte Rampling, who played once in “the Night porter”. She presented a picture of “Hannah”. Charlotte 71, and she does not hide, still one of the rare Actresses of the senior generation, preserving the natural face. The audience boldly asked her about Botox, to which she replied that I never did. At 70 she appeared naked in front of the camera, but there is no courage in not seeing: “What is courage? I do not understand. I always swim against the current. Such is my nature. Understand why people often want to see the lighter films that do not require them. But there are places where you can watch another movie, and in this sense, festivals are great.”

In the main competition of young Russian cinema is not represented, and one of the strongest of his paintings was the Palestinian film “Reports Sarah and Selim” Muad Aliana. It tells about love of a married Israeli woman and married a Palestinian. Palestinian brothers, as it is called the Director and his brother — producer Remy Aliana, wanted to make a universal story based on strong characters, about the world of Palestine and Israel, which, apparently, never the TWAIN shall meet. They were based on his own experiences from Jerusalem and took it amazingly beautiful, passing the spirit of the city. When the brothers were teenagers, they worked there. Their contacts with people were often limited to meetings with the police and the military. The husband of the heroine occupies a high position in the Israeli army, aware of the impending operations and never devotes a wife in your case. But when you will see a story of betrayal, Palestinians declared terrorists, especially sacratissimi an affair with the wife of the military for access to classified information. He carries bread in Jerusalem, in that cafe, where Sarah works. The film is mesmerizing, and only sweet and apologetic the ending spoils the overall impression. Everything will end like a fairy tale.

From 11 to 18 hours for several days at the festival is the hours-long film “Journey to Russia”, covering Russian history from 1989 to 2017. Armenian Director Davit, Janikyan and his Italian colleague Angela Ritchie-Rays used materials the ‘ 70s, told about the Leningrad–St. Petersburg since perestroika. Director Ineke Smits, representing in 2010 in Rotterdam picture “Aviators with Kazbek”, said during a discussion of how a Constitution in a country, showed a short film about Abkhazia. This year’s festival is filled with historical reflections. In its programmes many films telling about the pain points in different countries. And conclude with a satirical Comedy “Death to Stalin” Armando’s Iannucci devoid of we have a distribution certificate. In response, the representatives of “Kinosoyuz” (organizations that arose in opposition to Mikhalkov and his Union of cinematographers) — Alexei Popogrebsky. Andrey Proshkin, Boris Khlebnikov, Vitaly Mansky, Marina Razbezhkina, Alexey Fedorchenko Vladimir Kott and others wrote an open letter where it says about the true reasons for the ban. The fact that the representatives of the public Council of the Ministry of culture are outraged that the film depicts a caricature of a person held in 1953, the Supreme state post of the USSR, and it is “an act of censorship to which heads of the Ministry come running every time not find a legal basis to stop the release of unwanted film.” “Kinosoyuz” protests against the use of licences as a censorship tool. The current order of their delivery, giving “influential” individuals at their discretion to transfer the films release or not to release them in the us should be abolished, because it contradicts the Constitution, which prohibits censorship. Representatives of “Kinosoyuz” intend to go to court.

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