Grabbed by the hair, began to beat: the details of the attack on an ambulance in Moscow

A brigade “first aid” attacked inadequate elderly patient in the apartment on Chertanovskaya street on the morning of January 31, suffered the ICU doctor. The men in white coats asking police OMVD on area Chertanovo Yuzhnoye to protect them from citizens who have a history of beating physicians.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK”, around 6.00 in the ambulance call home 60-the summer pensioner — they said that the woman lost consciousness. Doctors in a matter of minutes arrived at the scene, and before their eyes appeared the picture — an elderly woman, who smelled strongly of alcohol, was lying on the floor. Walked around her family, according to doctors, too, by degrees. They demanded that the doctors moved the pensioner on the bed. Although it is not part of the duties of physicians, they obeyed.

Relatives brought home a blood pressure cuff, and the doctor-resuscitator Natalia Khripunova began to measure pressure, but accidentally dropped the camera — it fell on the floor and the batteries fell out. The doctor bent down to pick up a blood pressure cuff, and at this point the patient is retired (she’s kind of heavy) grabbed the doctor by the hair and began with all his strength to beat his head on the corner of the bed. To escape from neadekvatno ladies helped the driver of the car “03”: the man as if she felt what kind of people live here, so I went up with the doctor in the apartment.

Injured the doctor took a beating in fracture clinic (there colleagues recorded injuries of soft tissues of face, concussion) and wrote a statement in OMVD on area Chertanovo Yuzhnoye. Local police said they know the family of chronic alcoholics who drink for the last 20 years. From time to time they do attack the doctors. Doctors “03” I hope that the police will take action against the aggressors.

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