Song heart: stars congratulate Lev Leshchenko happy birthday

The first of February your birthday is the real star of the Soviet and Russian pop, on whose behalf your sign of quality put time, — Lev Leshchenko. The name of this artist has always been associated with great performing talent, familiar to everyone in the country an enchanting voice, the most popular songs, as heard in his performance of the song “Victory Day” to the last note imprinted in the memory and in the soul of every Russian. On the eve of the birthday of Leo valeryanovich we asked some of the most iconic and close to him, representatives of Russian culture to say, who to them Lev Leshchenko.


photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Alexandra PAKHMUTOVA: “Very glad to have the opportunity to say a few words about a great actor, a singer, known from the first moment of his appearance on stage, in radio and television. I love Leo for absolutely extraordinary, one of a kind voice, the other does not. And he always stays true to himself, his image is already means a lot. I’m always interested to watch how he sings, making for a scene, and I’m sure he sang a lot more. I wish him happiness and full of creativity and always very happy to work with him.”

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Nikolai DOBRONRAVOV: “His art is always witty, stunningly alive, he is in fine vocal and physical form, and therefore has enduring success. We Alexandra Nikolaevna hope that we will be able to connect to it in the creative plan, and we hope that ahead of us there will be new work. It is so bright personality, any more than there was not, and probably never will. The Lion has imitators, but it remains the only unique performer in its kind.”

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Igor KRUTOY: “Of course, dear, happy birthday to you!!! You’re a wonderful singer, whose work grew more than one generation of citizens of our country; you’re a great Friend, living the life and interests of their friends; you’re a wonderful Person, attracting millions of people!!! Health and prosperity to you, my dear Friend!!! With friendship and great respect, Igor Krutoy”.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Vladimir VINOKUR: “He’s my brother, we’ve been friends for 49 years, next year will be a century of our friendship, and we plan to celebrate. Leo is a phenomenon in our pop elite, I specifically did not use the word “show business” because we were working on stage. He is an outstanding and the most charismatic singer, sex-symbol of the country, both in the USSR and in Russia, and he didn’t age. So I won’t say how old he is. His birthday he meets on the road, then I’ll be on tour, but still find the opportunity to congratulate him.”

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

MK, in turn, also congratulates your favorite artist happy birthday. We wish Lev Leshchenko health and creative longevity.

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