The details of the execution of a merchant in the capital’s business center: the killer that got it wrong

The killers, shot on 31 January Moscow businessman Alexander Osetrova in the business-center “Svyatogor-4” Letnikovskaya the street may have confused the man with another person. The investigators of the RCDS, as well as family and friends see this version of the bloody events.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, the attack on 43-year-old Osetrova happened near the cafe “Bourgeois”, on the ground floor of the business center.

About 14.50 from the street ran a man, our regular guest, is clearly in a state of shock, told police the head of the production of food outlets Aziz Turaev. – He was wounded and was bleeding — on the floor even dragged a trail of blood.

The employee brought Osetrova in the back yard, and soon after, medics arrived 03.

In the hospital №1 it became clear that the businessman has got two wounds — in the liver and the right hand — the target was shot with two bullets from three released. He was immediately rushed into surgery.

Investigators TFR opened a criminal case on two article “Attempt at murder” and “Illicit arms trafficking”. To establish motives of a crime and to detain two killers in masks, who fled the scene on foot, leaving near the business center of the white car, first of all they questioned a close friend of the merchant and his wife.

Friend with full confidence said that Osetrova obviously confused with someone else because the man was the head of a very small company providing transport and logistics services the turnover was small. In the submission were several female employees. Threats Kommersant did not receive litigation is not conducted. At the time, Sturgeon was a shareholder of the infamous Orenburg “nst-Bank”, which lost its license in 2015. The Bank offered a record-high revenues, deposits (18%). Sturgeon has possessed more than 19% of the shares and three years ago sold his share of a large Bank. Also Sturgeon some time ago, owned a share in Bank “Stroycredit”, but in recent years has left this activity.

A close friend shot the businessman — Deputy Chairman of the public Council of Ministry of internal Affairs Severo-Zapadnyy district of Moscow, told the investigators that if Osetrova had problems in business, he would know about them.

Wife Irina on the clock was rebuilt, what did the spouse in the fateful day. The family lives in a townhouse next to the suburban krasnoznamenskoe. Around 8.00 Sturgeon in a Toyota took three children (daughter 13, sons – 9) to school and went to work. Houses remained the wife and eldest 26-year-old daughter.

Irina telephoned her husband at about 13.00, discussed the athletic training of sons in hockey. The voice and mood of a spouse was common. Around 15.00 Sturgeon, usually went to lunch or in a cafe “Bourgeois” or in the grill bar. So the woman assumes that the attack took place at this moment.

The hypothesis that the husband transferred a large sum of money, Irina considers untenable. These words are confirmed by a friend who gave things a wounded wallet with 2-3 thousand rubles, cigarettes, lighter.

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