The new version of the collapse of forests in transition from metro: diversion unknown

There is a new version of the collapse of a construction with a slate at the exit of the underpass near the metro station “Ulitsa 1905 goda”. Investigators and builders have carefully studied the video and came to the conclusion that, perhaps, the incident did not happen due to accumulated snow, as previously reported, and due to the fact that someone has deliberately upset the balance of the design.

A frame from the video.

At the exit of the underpass was planned repairs, including the replacement of damaged tiles. A few days ago, workers of the GBU “Gormost” built building with a slate (design from wooden pillars, covered with awning) for exactly half of the transition. Under this canopy are “stove”, which pump the warm air, and it was planned that in a short time the wizard will proceed to the preparatory works (part of the material is not purchased). The premises was fenced in haste metal bars, on which there was a sign apologizing for the inconvenience. However, in some places pedestrians could slip into a passage through this design.

As reported by the investigators, the chief engineer of “Gormost”, at the time of emergency in place there was not one working, and was only the cleaner. In his words, the technology of erection of a structure is very simple and its working is not violated, the rack was placed correctly, and the covering of a stretch, given the snow load.

— When there is a overload due to the pressure accumulated precipitation — the failure point occurs and often somewhere in the middle. We have carefully studied the video from different cameras, and it can be seen that the collapse of the slate have happened like dominoes. First failed region, which is closer to the exit of the subway station, and the wave went through the chain to the underground transition, — says the engineer.

In addition, again referring to the video, the expert said that the level of accumulated rain on the tent far from the critical point.

Thus, law enforcement has another version: some of the passers-by could pull out wooden rack and thereby to unbalance the whole design. According to the workers who installed the slate, accidentally hitting the prop, it is impossible to dump. To happen, it was necessary to really clear the rack by applying force. So it is not necessary to fully write off the snow that stuck to the awning, since it is possible that the collapse could bring both causes together.

Recall, just due to the fall of slate injured a dozen people. Five of them (women from 21 to 70 years) asked for help and was taken to various medical institutions. Heavy damage, no one got it.

It is known that on this fact scheduled service check, and representatives of the responsible organization January 31, was summoned for interrogation to the Prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee. Currently, solved the question of the appointment of the victims compensation.

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