The riddle of the new season of “house of cards”: what is the fate of the hero, Kevin spacey

To the delight of all fans, a miracle happened: Netflix announced the start of filming the new season of “house of cards”. But without Kevin spacey: recall immediately the number of stars have accused the actor of sexual harassment. Initially, the producers, the company announced the closure of the series: because spacey played the leading role of the U.S. President Frank underwood. However, he apparently changed his mind: the series had good ratings and was one of the most anticipated.


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The main intrigue was the new script. It is clear that without a charismatic spacey-underwood, which held essentially all the previous seasons, the series will lose. However, the ending of the last season he played up to the writers.

Recall that in the story the wife of Claire underwood becomes President of America, and her husband — Frank — goes into the shadows. It is significant that in the last scene, Claire is not answering the call her husband, to show that they are ready to run the country by himself, without his patronage. It turns out that tricky plot device himself led the writers to think: underwood you need to remove completely. Left unanswered question: how? What is the main role will now be played Claire (actress Robin Wright) — no doubt.

Fans speculated two versions. The first is that of character spacey can kill. So it was in the book, writer Michael Dobbs on which the Foundation of “house of cards”. Well, Frank underwood was not enough enemies, so the lack of wanting to send it to the light will not. The second option, which fans are not discounting, is suicide. Underwood were disappointed in the presidency, choosing the role of a secret world ruler, who said he is not disappointed in life? By this turn, the character could, and the story itself could only win.

Fans speculate who, instead of underwood may appear in the first role in the TV series? Probably on a par with Robin Wright more screen time will get Michael Kelly, who played the loyal assistant to the President and the head of its office of the Dag Stamper.

The creators of the series said that the sixth season will be the last (and it is logical that it will end with the death of the protagonist). It will be eight episodes instead of thirteen. Another surprise — the new heroes, who will play Greg Kinnear and Diane lane. It is known only that they play brother and sister. The exact release date of the new season unknown.

Cases when Directors have to “change on the fly” already. For example, in the first two films about Harry Potter the role of Professor Albus Dumbledore played by actor Richard Harris. But in 2002 he died, and the role of the wizard in the new paintings was played by Michael Gambon. It should be noted that the actors were not very similar, with the exception, perhaps, of gray, and the filmmakers in the story does not explain the change of appearance of the character.

Another bright replacement of daario naharis in “Game of Thrones”. Fan of Daenerys initially played the Englishman ed Skrein — inflated macho with long white hair. Suddenly in the next season his place was taken by the Dutchman Michiel, Huisman with a completely different way and a totally different appearance. It’s hard to believe that they are playing the same character. Then suddenly, the Director decided to change one Daario for another audience and not explained. According to the official version ed Skrein he decided to leave the project, according to unofficial — he did not please the audience.

And in the famous TV series-the sitcom “Two and a half men” after a few seasons, the contract was terminated for shooting with lead actor Charlie sheen. And in its place approved Ashton Kutcher.

So if the creators of “house of cards” without a twinge of conscience just decide to hire for the role of Frank underwood a completely different actor, the audience, though they condemned, but not surprised: the precedents have already been.

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