Woman cut off lover’s testicles out of jealousy

Ended sadly for Astana residents love affair with 36-year-old citizen of Kazakhstan. Suspecting their boyfriend in relationships with other girls, angry woman grabbed the knife and castrated a man.

photo: pixabay.com

As the Agency “NewTimes.kz” about the incident became known from the materials of the Yessil district court No. 2 of Astana, which on 24 January, considered the petition of a consequence about arrest of the suspect 36-year-old woman for a period of two months.

According to investigators, the woman decided to study the cell phone of his lover. There she read the correspondence of men with his sister, in which he flattering manner spoke of some stranger. In addition, the telephone men kept pictures of the girls.

Then Astana resident decided to teach her boyfriend. She encouraged him to diversify carnal pleasures and unsuspecting lover allowed her to bind your hands and feet with scarves to the bed.

But to indulge in love woman is not going to. She put sleeping pills in his mouth, and when the man fell asleep, the injection ledokoin him groin, took a scalpel and cut off the left testicle, after sewing up the wound with thread. In addition, an angry woman beat a man in the torso and the head with aluminum stick.

In the same way she cut her beloved and right ovary, but the thread went off the spermatic cord and the man started heavy bleeding. The woman then untied his friend, dragged into a car and taken to the city hospital №2 of Astana.

In the hospital the poor assisted and called the police, who detained the suspect.

Doctors diagnosed the patient received “injuries: stab wound of the scrotum, penis, amputation of the testicles”.

The Agency reports that the court documents were leaked, but officially the investigation and trial of the circumstances of this case do not disclose.

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