“Concentration camp” in a kindergarten of Ekaterinburg was the center of the scandal

In one of kindergartens of Ekaterinburg scandal. Parents of preschoolers argue that the teacher of the middle group established in the garden rules, almost like in a concentration camp. Kids are trained like dogs. Beat, force-feeding. But if students do not have time to run to the toilet, poked them in soiled pants. Now the garden checks the Investigative Committee. However, before the institution has already conducted its own, internal review. Needless to say that bullying kids is not found?

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Previously, Elena worked as a nurse in the same kindergarten, but in 2016, the year she was promoted to governess. First time parents marveled how a woman without a pedagogical education cannot cope with the kids.

The children suddenly became obedient, walks went almost system. And what was especially nice, began to eat all the portions, although it is not very appetite, – says Natalia Antropova, mother of one of the former pupils of the kindergarten.

Alarmed adults is that the children are constantly coming home with food t-shirts.

But the teacher explained to us that they eat themselves, that get dirty. Me these explanations satisfied until the son began to complain that Elena “painful feeds”. Exactly the same complaints began to come from other kids. When I asked him how she “hurt feeds” the son picked up a spoon and began to beat his lips.

Natalia immediately took the boy to a psychologist. And at the reception we began to open absolutely horrific details of the educational process.

– It turns out kids that they ate well, Elena beat a spoon on her lips, pain from the child opened his mouth, and she started to forcibly feed him. Naturally, children do not have time to chew it all, spits up, and she’s back, all stuffed in his mouth – angry Natalia.

Told the boy to psychologists and other unpleasant details.

– For example, that the teacher beat him on a causal place and shouted that if he is a man, you must suffer. And once she is in the punishment put him on a locker for clothes that his son was watching other kids play. The boy, of course jumped and hurt himself, started to cry and Elena as punishment, they locked him in the bedroom.

Parents say: children teacher trained as puppies.

– On the walk, she commanded: “come”, “sit”, “forward”. Moreover, these teams are out of her mouth even heard other employees of the kindergarten. But one mother, whose son used to go to this kindergarten, I remembered that the child complained to her that the teacher began to poke his face to wet his pants after he peed. As the puppy.

And that mom is not appealed to the Director of the kindergarten, to the Department of education?

– Addressed, but didn’t believe her. In the end, she just transferred the child to a nearby garden.

It seems strange that four kids did not complain about the beating and punishment of parents. Natalia says: kids former nanny was just intimidated.

One day, when I took the son to kindergarten, he fell in front of me on my knees and started crying: “Mommy, only Elena Vladimirovna don’t say I told you how she slapped me”. Is she scared that if I talk about anything at home, “dad or mom will die.”

That was the last straw. In October 2017 (a month after the boy began to complain about the teacher) Natalia transferred the son to another kindergarten. At the same time together with the twelve parents, she wrote a complaint to the Prosecutor.

But the answer came to us that to establish the fact of ill-treatment impossible, it is necessary video or audio confirmation. Where are we just not addressed: in the Department of education, and the Commissioner for the rights of the child. Everywhere we kicked. Only the police inspector PND took our statements seriously: children sent for a psychological evaluation. And the psychologist confirmed that this is not the imagination of the children that they had indeed been ill-treated. Only, no documents at hand, we are not given, all materials sent to the investigative Committee.

Now in regional Department are checking. However, the parents are afraid that this test will end in nothing.

Of the 12 parents who initially demanded punishment for the teacher, those who actively continues to fight, three left. The other children moved to other kindergartens and calmed down. But is the man who for years abused the kids, get away with it? – asks Natalia.

In the city you can find a lot of feedback on the teacher:

“She’s my oldest son’s nurse was. Even in 2012, children were called morons, and now, apparently, to have seized power, impunity felt…»

“I know that it’s true! My friend got a job in the garden a nurse. After seeing she was in the hospital, where it turned out that she had health problems due to stress. At the hospital she spent about a month. And after even are unable to continue to work in the garden. In the end, she told all the parents of the pupils”.

But in kindergarten I assure you that all these executions — the fruit of the wild imagination of parents. Or children.

– We held an internal audit, the results of which have no violations in the actions of the teacher have been identified. Those actions attributed to her parents, the teacher did not commit – said the “MK” acting Director of the kindergarten Maria Gerasimov. By the way, the Director immediately after the publication of the facts in the media wrote a letter of resignation at own will.

Tell how the audit was conducted, the new head of the garden refused, citing preliminary examination, which conducts the UK.

As for Elena, she is still working in the garden. However, on the post of housekeeper. Says head, with children she has no contact.

But this is only on paper. We understand that in reality staff in the gardens is not enough, so the children look everything: nanny and housekeeper…

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