Found secret diary Artem Iskhakov, who had killed the girl: “I was magically»

When the news of the murder of Tatiana, a student of Bauman Insurance Artem Isakov spread through all the media, the Network began to appear numerous groups devoted to the killer and the victim. It turned out that Iskhakov has left a diary, which described in detail the history of relations with Tatiana — these records managed to recover from its private account Vkontakte. We read them and talked to one of close friends Artem Iskhakov.

Artem. Photo: social networks.

About the tragedy of Tatiana and Artem Iskhakov Insurance the country learned from social networks. 19-year-old student at the Bauman Institute has killed his beloved, and then posted a message to the world about how he killed the girl. Four pages of detailed descriptions of shocked everyone who has read the message. A new level of hype. Only post-mortem.

I must give credit to friends of the victims, none of them became PR on this story. Journalists did not talk even for money. Only at the 9th day, the Network began to appear a kind of sympathy: “I Despise all who decided to cut the hype for the murder of Tanya”, “Choose neighbors wisely”, “Sign the petition, we cannot allow talk show about Tanya”, “Stay with people”.

Who are Artem and Tanya? The victims are from decent families. Mom Iskhakova — teacher education. Page women in the social network — rainbow, a lot of pictures of happy children: Artem, older brother and sister. It is evident that the woman was proud of his children.

— His parents did everything to adequately educate children, is an exemplary family — say friends Ishakovich. — Deceased mother even could not imagine that her son, there are problems. Now it finds no place. I don’t know how she’d survive the tragedy. Believe me, the family is now very difficult. Please don’t blame the incident on the parents, so there were circumstances.

The deceased Tatiana Strakhova hails from the suburban Queen. Then the family moved to Khimki. The girl graduated from school with a gold medal. He entered the Higher school of Economics…

In 2016 Iskhakov described the meeting with Tanya in as much detail as later told about the murder.

The entry is dated in the spring of 2016.

Artem Iskhakov“In October I was at the party. Wandered in search of Chan. Me all dynamite. Came across Tanya. She said that she was robbed of her purse and phone, asked me to help find. I sent it, lol. Toward morning again saw her. Came up and gave “let’s make out?”. Well, we kissed. Oh, how she kissed. Waited for the end of the party, sat in a Mac, again, kissed, went on the subway, said goodbye, started to leave, then turned at the same time. Then we became hard to communicate.”

Artem’s relationship with Tatiana has been developing rapidly. Was walking under the moon, and the conversations are endless, and the rampant sex. What the guy also wrote in his letters.

Artem Iskhakov: “Once we were in antikafe, sat and chatted. At one point I said, “Tanya, I love you,” she said, “you Know, me too.”

Autumn they are almost never parted. A week before the New year Tatiana Artem admitted that she likes a girl. But then he corrected himself, “this does not interfere with our relationship.”

Artem Iskhakov: “I didn’t care, because I too fell in love. NG the three of us (me, Tanya and a girl) sat at my house listening to music. Chan (so. “in Japanese” called Tatiana. — Ed.) has left me a gift. We both cried because I was leaving with my parents for the holidays. When he returned, we again spent time as before. I was just magical. The best time of my life, seriously.”

“If we did break all would be rules»

Love at a young age may not be Mature. Tatiana quickly lost interest in Artem.

Artem Iskhakov: “In March, she said she’s bored, we have nothing to talk about. We decided to see each other once or twice a week, not every day. Everything went on as usual, until one party, which went to my friends. Tanya was beginning to communicate with my friend, we had a fight. This friend got her into our company.

Then she texted me, like, it is necessary to take a break, have feelings, and desires to continue such relationship, no, I’m tired. But after a couple hours gave the “I have pictures of looked up and realized that is not yet ready to let go.” The next day she came to me.”

It was a time when the boys had to put an end to the relationship. But…

Artem Iskhakov: “If, then, we see each other less, really took a break, then all would be norms. But we didn’t. A week before the may we all went to the party. There Tanya was pissed off at my behavior, well, I’m too much for her climb. I was sad, and all were under the wheels, and they were cool. In the end, I bought the wheels the guy, and I also the rules were, but not the essence”.

Soon Tanya took the very apartment where later the murder happened. By the time Artem she almost never met, if only at a General get-togethers. Lived at first with a young man, whom he concluded a marriage that lasts a month. Then moved in with her and her friend.

Artem Iskhakov: “I thought this was the end. Tanya friend and I were drinking every day at her home and suffered stuff. She wrote to me a couple times a day something like “I woke up and immediately for Vino”, “I’m tired of drinking” and so on.

One day she wrote, they say, we communicate better as friends. Admitted that it lacks romance. That day I went to visit a friend, talk to her, moved home, fell in a faint on the subway. I pulled out of the car two men, one of water gave and walked to the store. The next day I was lying in bed and was stuck in the laptop. About a week hardly ate anything and was very sad”.

Parting is a painful process. The world Iskhakova collapsed. He saw a complex phase, which blended pain, resentment and anger.

Artem Iskhakov: “On the ninth of may, we walked by our company. It was quite hard to be with Tanya. When we said goodbye, I kissed her. She told me “it’s fucking unpleasant.” And from a friend learned that in that moment, she “felt raped.” I suffered.

Then again we met each other. I drank a lot, and everyone hated my behavior, Tanya said she was disgusted to see me. I got drunk, sat crying in the kitchen. It was so bad. I tried not to write her, but frustrated. Hope kept warm in me. We a couple of times even normal conversation, and I thought that everything would be OK. I was wrong. And in my company I have, in fact, all sent, and she stayed with them. Such things here”.

At some point Iskhakova behavior began to annoy his friends. He turned away from all. Thus, in the summer of 2017 student has lost his girlfriend and friends.

Artem Iskhakov: “It’s hard to live with the realization that all these moments of happiness will not be able to recoup the pain and longing of loneliness. It would seem that the workaround is simple — take it and forget it, distracted by something or someone. But no, you can’t betray the only warm feeling. I have had a settled fear that I have something similar for anyone else will not experience. I’m tired…»

Junction of history remained six months.

Artem Iskhakov: “I still love you and I miss you. I want to walk/talk like we used to. I’m just that good with you, lol! I like the soil a little crazy, because the last few days I Wake up, lying half asleep a couple of hours and see what kind of lucid dreams with you. Break up in March, and it would be much easier, but you then said “I will try to do everything in my power.” And I thought that really all right.”

“He repeated the same phrase, “Better would it not»

When Iskhakov has lost friends, he became acquainted through the Network.

Looking for on Tinder love. In the VC friends.

My interviewee’s name is Christine. She’s 19 years old. She is a friend of Artem Iskhakov.

The girl agreed to speak only on one condition: “I hope I will hear those who call Artem crazy one who curses him. It summed up the emotions, he lost them. Found no other way to get rid of dependence. I do not condone it. But I understand”.

— We met with the Theme a year ago, started talking girl. — In VC I liked his comments. He wrote to me. Word by word. And friends. Now, many teenagers are doing this. When I came to Moscow, we met. Walked, talked, drank beer, shared problems. Sexual relations between us was not. I’m not into that, me with the girls. So he saw me as a friend. I noticed that there was a lot of unspent love. He so eloquently talked about Tanya that I was crying. And he was crying.

— About his family he said?

— The family of Artyom was quite wealthy. The money he was almost always. But trust between friends was not. Previously, he shared their problems with friends. When everyone turned away from him, he started to spread the experience to the Network. It “listened” to strangers. The sensible advice has not been given. Was limited to short comments: “never mind.”

— How did he seem?

— He’s smart, quick-witted. Could reach the heights, if not for this love. He’s even Baumanku abandoned after the meeting with Tanya. The theme of learning he never cared.

— He’s still working?

He worked in the field of computers. Created websites, online programs. But this topic it was never touched. He only talked about Tanya, literally took out my brain. To switch on what could not.

— Have you noticed that the guy is crazy?

I saw his obsession with this girl, but a madness I would not call it. He still thought logically, he knew everything. However, his heart and brain could not agree. The topic in front of Tanya humiliated, chased her, begged her to resume the relationship. He continued to pray for her. I remember there was a time when he was on his knees and cried to the heavens: “Lord, why she’s so stupid”.

Tatiana Strakhov. Photo: social networks.

— Iskhakov has told that prepared the murder of the month? You knew something about it?

— In December, I already knew that he can do something terrible. Hints from his side was. It is understood by all his acquaintances. But to stop it there was no one. He began to repeat the same trite phrase: “it would be Better if it was not.” But to kill? This is not explicitly said.

— The truth that Tom turned for help to a psychologist?

— A couple of times turned. He did not seek medical help, just wanted someone to talk to. He lacked communication. After all, it wasn’t listening. Like with one of the psychologists he communicated over the Network.

— Why did they have to rent an apartment together?

— Artem was hoping to return to the relationship. When Tanya broke up with her current boyfriend, she asked him, as a friend, to rent an apartment. She wouldn’t pull an expensive apartment.

— They live together?

– I know he gave her the gifts that she did not accept. Did her compliments that she did not need. Every evening was waiting for her, did not go to sleep until Tanya was hanging out with other guys. If she was bad, she came to cry on his shoulder.

He raised her self-esteem, had told her she was the most beautiful, intelligent. He was also mad that she posted their intimate pictures to the Network, he asked me not to do this. In response, I heard: “I am your opinion does not matter”. She rejected him as a man, sex between them was not, and would not let him. The theme spoke to me: “I became her slave”.

On 7 December 2017. left post: “Yesterday booze at home we are with each other. They Tanya decided to go for a beer. I didn’t want to take. But on Saturday they kissed, and I didn’t want to leave them together. A friend then put us in the kitchen and says: speak on the topic of your relationship to each other. Tanya said that he sees me as a guy, but I’m important to her and she doesn’t want to hurt me. Said the only way to disperse, so as not to bring problems to each other.

Then she was hit. Said I was aggressive jerk, and that he could not be with me, and fled outside. Returned. But then went with a friend because I couldn’t bear to be with me. A friend wrote to me that she wants to go home, because there I. When I was alone, I porugal. Was pouwelse, calmed down and went to sleep. Don’t know what to do with all this, but we probably need.”

— Dreamed about Artem?

— He wanted to create a family with Tanya. More than anything.

— His last letter he wanted to hypenate?

— I don’t think about the hype he wanted. He wanted to teach a lesson to girls that you don’t have to deal with guys. Well to warn the boys, they say, don’t be such idiots as I, live normally.

Artem Iskhakov (17 Jan 2018): “Today I walked with a chick from Tinder, walking me home, he kissed her. Feel good. But the feeling that I’ll just take off again and begin to ride in their suffering. I knew from the start that she is. But I believed that anything will change. But no. I love you. But then I so will not stand, because now almost hell, so sorry. Lol”.

“If you admit you’re a Vino, subjected to harassment»

Tanya buried in Khimki. Artem — one of the Metropolitan cemeteries. Goodbye to the girl came all former friends Iskhakov. With a murderer forgiven only relatives.

“Mom Taani was impossible to watch. She is heartbroken,” wrote friends of the deceased. “At the funeral all shaken. Many are unable to approach the coffin,” I left messages buddies Insurance. To the question: “How was the funeral Artem?”—all answered: “We don’t care, nobody went”.

19-year-old. killer. Point. But users of social networks are in no hurry to put an end.

The Network is gaining momentum, the movement for “inquiry”. Interesting merge of correspondence Tanya, Artyom, photos from personal archive.

Here is one of the latest tweets Taani Network: “Every time being attached to people, I think that it will be better. But all repeats on the same scenario for 5 years. God, if you exist, I lesson is not understood, but, really, very sorry. Do something, please.” Iskhakov carefully studied her public messages…

There were those who accused Tatiana that she brought the guy to the crime. And the reason for that was the subculture of “Vino”, which allegedly treated the girl.

About this subculture speak a lot lately. Wynikami call girls who prefer to drink cheap wine bags. Actually, hence the name. Winiski wear hair Kare, dye their hair in colorful colors, wearing large round glasses frame no lenses, t-shirts with the name of your favorite band, skinny jeans, sneakers. Of interests — contemporary fashion exhibition, “stay” — parties at apartments, art-house, reading such authors as Joseph Brodsky, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Palahniuk. Dream winicki-Chan — to go to Saint Petersburg for permanent residence and go to medical school. The distinguishing feature of these girls — depression in which they reside year-round and talk about their condition to the world.

On the web these ladies are a dime a dozen. However, none of them admits to his involvement in the subculture.

— If you confess that you’re a Vino-Chan, subjected to harassment on the Network, — says one of the girls. — Initially it is insulting generalization of girls. This trend is coined as an insult. Call us alcoholics, promiscuous relations, our photos appear on dubious websites, tracking us haters, begin to tease. To survive the powerful bullying is not easy. But really any subculture there. What girls wear glasses, rack and colored hair is just beautiful. Read clever books — kind of a fad.

— Who invented this term?

— Guys who didn’t pay attention well-read, beautiful girl. Gopnik. They were the first to make fun of us and gave the name of “Vino”.

— But you’re drinking wine.

— Drink. Like all young people. And not just wine. Well, that all winiski of drug addicts and alcoholics, it is a myth. We are not like that. This we glued labels — laughing companion. Yeah, we put in Network pictures with a glass of wine, you want to seem older. The whole external surroundings — just a desire to stand out, nothing more.

— This phenomenon is only in Moscow and St. Petersburg?

In these cities, the trends of faster reach. In a year it will be in Murmansk, Krasnoyarsk, Kostroma. Winiski prefer to hang out in St. Petersburg, like the roof, “zabroski” and the club Inteka on Ligovsky. This is the only place where it is possible for 200 rubles fine to hang out and drink. Also known as the “society of the disappeared,” their motto: “who does not Have friends, come to us.” There is going to be a lot of single guys who easily find their friends. If Iskhakov came to us, it was quickly forgotten Tanya.

The dead Tanya was vinnickoy?

— She does not consider himself winnisquam. She just wanted to be in trend. Her death has nothing to do with the subculture irrelevant. Although now, many girls rushed to copy her style, buy the same clothes. Pick up nail Polish, what was she wearing the same rings, get a tattoo on your legs. She was fashionable, why wouldn’t she imitate?

The house, where there was a terrible crime, fans of the deceased Tatiana staged a spontaneous memorial. Pictures girls hung on the trees. Every day young people come here, bring flowers, soft toys. Light candles. Someone recently left a note: “Just such a strong love. Lol»

Be the first to know about incidents: this was “breaking news” in the Telegram.

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