Makovetsky fabulously rich at Ostrovsky

Sergei Makovetsky is elegantly holds a pause. He sits on the front of the stage, casually pours in a glass of frothy champagne, drags on a cigarette, indifferent looks into the hall. In his hand the skull (poor Yorick?), but the monologue about the former Royal jester will not. Buffoons, chief among which he presented at the Vakhtangov theater “Hot heart” by Alexander Ostrovsky — a clownish effect on the Russian reality and the peculiarities of the national character. During the premiere show was visited by the Explorer “MK”.

photo: Valery Myasnikov

Play this, the victim fiasco at the premiere in 1868, and then successfully went on the stage the tsarist and later Soviet Russia. It was not such a theater, which would not hold in the Billboard “Hot heart”. But what is surprising — for the Soviet viewer in contrast to the current lot in the playwright was very conditional. And really, what could he know about the strange ways very well, rich people in General-that equality? But imagined their images the artists bright and colorful, for which he received awards.

The characters Ostrovsky familiar, recognizable, they are — heroes, fashion magazines, TV shows, criminal Chronicles. Only the names are not exotic, like the playwright. There is already a Package of Tarasych, Serapion of Margarita, Peacock Pavlinich, but the fact they seem to live. Here Serapion, as mayor, take bribes. The peacock, as the eminent merchant, the home of his tyranny. Well Tares… well Taree — the all handsome: the contractor from the excess of banknotes doesn’t know how else to dispel his agonizing anguish. That swagger over the poor. But in this world there are pure nature with a warm heart and a desperate head Stool, the daughter of a merchant Kuroslepova, Yes a gentle soul Gavrilo, working in the shop of her father. So clean feeling, impossible tender love, on the one hand, and venality, cynicism on the other. From how it combines the on stage Director, the success of the performance. Judging by the performances of recent years, not all have succeeded.

photo: Valery Myasnikov
The role of the Bucket —Maria Berdinskikh.

Alexander Koruchekov, whose performances still went to different small stages Vakhtangov (“Peter pan” and “Poverty not a Vice”), first appeared on a big. And made vulgar theatre, with the intention to retire from the theater traditional. In his intentions, he brought the farce, the grotesque, the drama, the absurd, the real with the unreal. Naive theatre combined with psychological. The house of a noble merchant Kuroslepova the artist Maxim Obrezkova no Windows, no doors and the indicated horizontal and vertical beams, connected between themselves with stairs.

Here POPs up a submarine and leaves a tracked vehicle such as tank, producing a fiery shot. Heartfelt spoken monologues and, like the old theatre, the characters cued “to the side”, explaining to the audience the actions of their own and others: “I’ll Go”, “Goes”. And all this is voiced by the music of Pyotr Nalich, a strange way to get along, that solves the puzzle in the picture of the bizarre reality of the time of Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky, and today, the village there are all sorts of Cans with Tarashikomi Plynovym with Serapioni Margaritae Gradoboeva. And most importantly, with the hard choices that dramatically raised the former Soviet and new Russian citizens to live according to their conscience, but difficult, or is it, well it, this conscience together with dignity, but it is easy and beautiful. The message is relevant and clearly reads.

photo: Valery Myasnikov

Performance Koruchekova turned theatrical, with bright actor’s work — the most colorful mayor (Evgeny Knyazev) and the contractor Khlynov (Sergei Makovetsky), the Kupchina Kuroslepov (Evgeniy Kosyrev), the clerk of the house, Narkis (Vitaly Semenov), Matrona Haritova (Olga Tomycine, Anna Antonova), janitor silane (Anatoly Menshikov), tradesman (Oleg Lopukhov). Yes, four in the wings, one in all the people: workers have Kuroslepova, the soldiers of the city mayor and the robbers of Khlynov (Pavel Yudin, Eugene Pilyugin, Denis Samoilov, Basil Tsyganov). The hero Makovetsky out of the hold on the submarine, eyes indifferent, almost dead — there is money, and nowhere to go. Even this blockhead mayor is nowhere to stick them. Last chance to have fun dressed up as a gang of robbers and go out on the highway where you wander warm heart with a gentle soul. I must say that after a spectacular predatory scenes in the forest, the author somehow left Khlynov alone, so Sergei Makovetsky before the curtain gives a master class in how exquisitely pauses: casually pours in a glass of frothy champagne, drags on a cigarette and calmly looks into the hall. In his hand the skull (poor Yorick?): “The role of Khlynov over,” he bluntly informs the audience and applause left the stage.

Very good work Maria Berdinskikh, Vasily Simonov and Yuri Cukurova, though all the drama around sharp Comedy, but still performed great masters, is not easy. Particularly Simon, the hero is a poor, modest, with a quivering soul — these girls do not like. Judging by the applause in his love and how.

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