The cause of death of the passenger at the station “Pushkinskaya»

The usual awkwardness has cost the lives of 57‑year-old passenger subway: Muscovite knocked the arriving train when she leaned over that to raise the fallen bag.

Photo: social networks

As it became known “MK”, a resident of the Belozerskaya street Tamara bakhmetieva (pictured) on Thursday morning driving to work my usual route from the metro station “Bibirevo” to “Street of 1905”. She recently retired from the construction organization with the post of personnel officer and took a job as an accountant in a chop. The tragedy happened on Pushkinskaya, where a woman had a transplant with grey branches on purple. Adam dropped his bag, standing on the platform and began to bend over to pick it up. At this point of the tunnel left part. According to witnesses, the first car has already passed the passenger, but the train speed was still great; the woman touched his head. She was thrown onto the platform. The injuries Bakhmetyev died on the spot. The woman still had two grown twin sons and husband.

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