The details of the case detective Nasonov actor: leaked customers details of calls

The “star” of the television series “the Detectives” Alexey Nasonov in real life was a negligent detective. The FSB found in its detective Agency of a technical device to conduct illegal surveillance-wiretaps and recorded the fact of handing him large sums of money for the materials obtained in this unlawful way.

Frame from the movie.

Recall that Nanocones before starting her acting career she worked as a district, had the rank of police major. After he played a major role in the TV series “Detective” decided to open a private detective Agency. Explained it simply: after the movie to him as a real detective, he began to turn a lot of people asking for help.

– Detective Agency Alexey Nasonova”, alas, exceeded their authority , – tells our source in FSB. – About the request of customers provided the details of telephone calls by unauthorized persons (you also received this information from employees of cellular companies that were in cahoots with them), the data from police databases (including traffic police). Moreover, this applies not only to situations where the husband followed the wife, or Vice versa. Among the clients of Kim and the detective was a large company that wanted to know the situation in your company and the competition. The Agency had unlawfully installed technical devices (by the way, during the search were a lot of them discovered in the office), including “bugs”.

About all this illegal activities learned during operatively-search actions around a very large company. But then there was the fact of receiving remuneration. Sediment suspected violation of privacy and the law on detective activities. The issue of deprivation of his Agency license. He to the end of the investigation will be released, as the article of the criminal code is not heavy.

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