The Museum of Russian impressionism played on the slide, touching upon intimate details of the artists

In time the Museum of Russian impressionism launched an exhibition of portraits of the wives of the great Russian artists. Rabid feminists around the world have compromised themselves so that the male half of humanity began to divide the fair sex either for complete idiots or cynical bitch. The image of ladies, who publicly condemns the harassment and just around the corner hugging Weinstein — the theme for the cartoons.

David Burliuk. Mrs. Burliuk in his garden. 1940. Photo: AGN “Moscow”.

Among the political and domestic disgrace stupid deputatok, rallies and marches — is than the heart to calm down: brilliant paintings, books, music. Among everyday the swamp is on solid ground. With this in mind, come to the Museum of Russian impressionism to enjoy brilliant women portraits of Vrubel, Konchalovsky, Kustodiev, Repin, Serov, Falk…

And you are the threshold (to the exhibition), the Museum’s founder businessman Boris Mintz explains why they have made this exhibition: this, they say, as the TV shows that I watch, to peek into someone else’s bedroom.

And then it becomes clear: the era of perverted ideas about propriety if it covers, then the maximum, and not all museums are, unfortunately, exceptions.

From the statement of the organizer as if it should, what about the artist more important to know the intimate details of his life than his work. It turns out that is important, not the master, and his family life? This connoisseur of painting this is of no interest. He looks at the picture, not on the recording of acts of civil status.

It is useful to recall a Taoist legend that tells of the case of the intimate life of the Chinese Emperor. Man, choosing for him the horses, he decided to retire and instead suggested dealer firewood, saying: “He is not worse than me knows horses”. After some time, the Emperor sent for the man and said, “You recommended me some kind of fool. He said that got me a Bay Mare, and when the horse was taken, it turned out that this black stallion. Your protégé even the suit can’t properly be called”. The old man exclaimed, “I couldn’t even imagine what heights reached your servant. External to him does not matter. He looks into the essence of things, sees what is important and not see what is not important.” When they brought the horse, it turned out that he has no equal.

But for Mr. Mintz is important, in any relationship with the artists was their model. It is not without pleasure, listed options: wife, lover, friend, Muse… But unless it somehow affects the momentum of the work, its composition, flavor…?

The artist became famous talent, intelligence, soul; works, but not the adventures. Even in a tough sport, blows below the belt are prohibited. And the dead do what you want.

Are you interested in Sudeikin-artist? Then why do you need to know about his lover, about the lovers of his wife, which allude to the organizers, in particular to a press release. “The exhibition presents the remarkable work of the artist — “My life”, which depicts his two wives, his lover, and perhaps a few beloved first wife”.

If you are interested in the intimate life of the person about whom you knew nothing? Then what’s the Russian painting?

She, thank God, separately, although they are trying to wrap in different sorts of stories, extracted from diaries, correspondences and memoirs — in audio guide, catalogue, explanatory notes, sound addition paintings. That’s become in front of the portrait of Basil Shuhaeva, depicting Faith Shuhaeva, or portrait of Olga konchalovskaya, you begin to feel a powerful painting and you from above (column hanging on the paintings) Lew vain remarks of a personal nature (memories of the model). It baffles sense, breaks the contact with the artists and their works, and they are from a private collection — perhaps an average viewer won’t be able to see them. And such annoying sound comments sound only paintings from the collection of the banker Pyotr Aven; perhaps he decided to have fun, and maybe the organizers wanted so to please him.

Often, artists and their wives so interesting. There are extremely a lot about Russian and world art, about the life of the city and the countryside, on education, on religion, morals — everything. But what is most interesting from the point of view of the organizers? Come and listen.

One could argue that all of this is taken from open sources, from the published letters… The distinguished literary critic Peter Vilenkin in this case said: “the Letters, with few exceptions, rarely all are designed by the author for future publications, and in this they differ not only from various articles, notes, and even from other diaries. Letters become a legacy, but not designed in advance to be. They are always too much “extra” to the very notion of heritage, especially from the point of view of the artist. The abundance of purely personal, intimate, casual, specific household or simply in all respects insignificant, in short, any creative neutral material in the published collection of letters can only alienate us from the creative person of their author, instead of us to bring (or rather to us to approach her); able to prevent us from hearing what he has to say to us now.”

To describe the dance Nureyev — very difficult, to talk about his homosexuality — never mind no need, no inspiration, no decency to respect it. Sorry, he left, and his dance now you’ll see only on video. Great artists left their masterpieces are available in the original. The Museum of Russian impressionism custom masterpieces. Go look at the beautiful work and don’t listen to anybody.

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