Vladimir Drachev, “Coach Bjoerndalen needs to help his wife win medals»

OLE Einar Bjoerndalen still not miss the Olympics in Pyeongchang. He will go to the Game in the delegation of Belarus as a coach.

As reported by the portal tut.by the international Olympic Committee has approved the application of the Belarusian biathlon Federation on the inclusion of renowned Norwegian athlete the coaching staff of the Belarusian team at the Olympic games in South Korea.

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According to the Secretary-General of the Federation Anatoly Stromsikova, “this is for Dasha Domracheva, that she was psychologically comfortable.” At the same time, the Federation takes into account a huge competition experience Bjoerndalen and believes that Norway could help the team, help in any situation.

— Now officially say that Bjoerndalen will go to the Olympics as coach of the national team of Belarus. Its functions will be determined later — said the press-Secretary of Federation Victoria Tarasevich.

Think about this decision and the memories of his youth Bjoerndalen with “MK” shared four-time world champion, the legendary Russian and Belarusian biathlete, and nowadays the Deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Drachev.

— Most likely, the BSE has decided to do so, to Bjoerndalen was able to maintain the best biathlete of all time in the history of the Republic of Belarus Darya Domracheva. This is logical. And if there is a coaching vacancy, and took it as a coach. Nothing wrong there. Let him help his wife to win a few Olympic medals.

— Maybe it’s an attempt to sweeten the pill of missing Games on the Bjoerndalen on his personal results?

— I think for him it does not play a big role. He was already on six Olympic games and won many times. Now he was going to help his wife. Well, that it found such a relaxed and simple method to include Bjoerndalen in coaching the national team of Belarus.

— In your opinion, it will be a one-time event, or it can enter the system of the Belarusian biathlon on a regular basis?

— It would be just fine if he agreed to work with the team as a coach. For the whole Belarus is fine, when in preparation for competition seasons such eminent reports professional experience is not only the wife but also to young athletes.

— You have the chance to perform with Bjoerndalen. What he is as a person, in character, in communication?

— On a purely human experiences hard to say. We have a ten year age difference, and when we were on top, he was just beginning a career, gradually turning into a great athlete. We were all fairly independent. Every great figure in the biathlon is always unique.

I would not say we will cross paths or see each other often. The meetings were always friendly, positive. I think that the relations of athletes who achieve high results, very worthy. Each supports a rival, helps him. Literally ten minutes ago, they were competitors, and after finish or before start we respected and supported each other. I treat Bjoerndalen with great respect. On our planet a lot of people and athletes like Usain Bolt and OLE Einar Bjoerndalen. The whole world knows them as supervitamins stars.

— The scale of the individual Bjoerndalen was noticeable already in his young years?

— There were many rivals, and the first time it may not be immediately noticed. The person gradually came out of juniors in 1994, participated in the Olympic games in Lillehammer. Of course, then its level was much weaker than ours, but he is very fast and rapidly grew. First was shy, inexperienced. Remember, we are a little tried to teach him shooting. At that time he came to the line, very quickly fled, but choked on the shooting and fired a very long time. There was a time when he was shooting for 40-45 seconds, and was detained the shot. It was hard for him coming to the line at a fast pace, just to catch my breath. He didn’t know how to do it. We helped, and if he was wrong or was not very confident in shooting.

Now we can see how honed his movements. It competently operates. Nice to see how the professional. Yes, he has aged, lost speed, but still performs each movement clearly and at the highest level, shows the result. His involvement encourages other participants to achieve higher level.

— After Pyeongchang, it can announce the completion of a career or continue to participate, at least in the commercial starts?

— All at his discretion. I think a couple of years he can take part in European club competitions in Norway, the Cup of Europe. From the sport to coaching it is necessary to go a little more quietly: do not quit abruptly, but to retire, for example, a player-coach. There are many different options.

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