Actress Alexandra Ursulyak: “I have become the mother of many children, and now exempt”

It seems she has it all. Pushkin theatre, where she is the lead actress (the same theater house where they lived when-that Andrey Platonov and Osip Mandelstam). Three children: a girl, another girl and now boy, six months old. She’s beautiful, super dynamic and very talented. And it’s all… women Have no age, but will still say: from tomorrow, Alexander Ursulyak may already be out of the presidency. Although late, all the seats are occupied. And why would she want the presidency, she and the way it is. At least so it seems.

Photo: Denis Zhulin

“When people are indiscreet — it’s just a nightmare»

— You can call the prima of the theatre? Only without modesty, without shame.

— Understand without humility is impossible. It’s awful — without the modesty. When people are indiscreet — it’s just a nightmare.

— Did the actor have to be modest? “I’m the best!”— isn’t that so?

— There are no recipes and everyone is different. Someone is really egocentric, and someone is saying goodbye. I don’t like that, honestly, try for yourself to follow. If something happens to me egocentric, I try myself to beat the hand, in General, to accurateat in this sense. Still, I think if we are talking about theatre is not the best quality for the theatre artist.

But you probably have seen a lot of people like that?

To be honest, it’s not that I’m good or bad, and that to me the most interesting is not when “I” and when “we all together”. When I share the victory with someone or success. Me so nice. When I had children, I realized that if I just go to the circus, well, it’ll be fun. And when my children go to the circus — this I must see! I was crying, and laughing…

— Is another.

— No, it’s not different, it is absolutely the same tool works. I’m not so self-sufficient in order to sit home alone and be happy. I really want to call someone, to say something, just to be in the company.

— You know, even the bright memory of Mikhail Derzhavin, when I learned that in the play “bye, compere!”will play in pair with Andrey Mironov, is very much tensed. This is despite the fact that he was all dissolved in the theater, and Mironov were just friends. Competition has not been canceled.

— I am very attentive to what I mean. Not only in the theatre and in General in space, because I’m studying myself and the life I am living, and their profession. But it took 15-16 years as I work in the theater, and I understand that I very much trust and sometimes even to my opinion listen. For me it is very valuable. I know I deserve it…

— Only on stage?

— How? My work is not only on the stage. Theatre is a team where all sorts happen everyday problems, where a lot of storms inside, outside. You know, when a team you side by side long with the same people, in different situations they are manifested differently and in difficult times, and not in the difficult moments. Adequacy, pure reason and ability to do something is very important. I think when we talk about the dream — it’s not just a poseur, which well portrays on stage… For me it’s more, but that’s just me.

“In the movie I’m lying on the windowsill dossevi eggplant»

— But the movie turns out, then for you not so much in this life? It is in the background?

— Not that the second… of Course, the heart and soul I have here in the theater, so did my life. But the movie must surround all my existence, I just have a bit of a late movie. It happened… I studied Roman Kozak, who took the theater, and he immediately put me here. In the movie, just in a different way, my way is: it is a little harder, a little longer, and I’m there lying on the windowsill dossevi eggplant or tomato. Nevertheless, I’m glad I did not just lie and matured, I still develop with theatre. So maybe someday will develop.

— In your opinion, are there any fundamental very important differences between acting in film and theater?

— I believe that theatre art is much more deep and capacious than the movie. Despite the fact that I love movies, I love cinema, watch movies and dream with terrible force to do it. In a good movie. But, I think, is always a number of magic, expressionism, imagination in the theatre is much bigger and stronger than in the movies.

— If it is not dead theatre…

Right, if this theatre is relevant. Because Stanislavski, in his time, preached the natural existence, the real theater. Then it was the know-how. And what was the point? What they in life were, sought absolute authenticity, of realism which is very well used in the movie. And today the theatre is absolutely not going to live in a realistic manner. And if to speak about the actual theater, of course, realistic manners now does not exist.

— Stanislavsky is out of date?

— Well certainly! It is outdated, perhaps, many of his thoughts, while here there is nothing to argue. His system is great, it still is a periodic table basis but the theater develops and flew for a long time since three hundred times in different directions. And thank God! It would be strange if we were sitting on the Stanislavsky.

— Then what do you prefer: the theater of the absurd, clowning, theater doc?

— A lot of things you call, but I think everything is now cooked in the same soup. This is the main trend of modern art. Even in fashion… I have recently shot for a fashion magazine. Since I am a man, fashion is very much always fashionable late… I’m a goof, to be honest… coming to a fashion magazine, I come into contact with the latest fashion trends.

— How many wonderful discoveries!

No, of course I’m interested in, talk, ask. And here’s me girl dress up stylist: me dress in a long silk nightie, on top of the jacket, as if I was a man your size, blue stripe, and some shoes-sneaker green. And I said, “I would like that to go out did not dare”. Well, for a magazine, scenes, Yes, but, say, booyah and out — ever. She said, “Why?”I said, “Well, strange in my nightie, dad’s coat and mom’s Slippers…”She said, “It’s great that you can combine the uncombinable! That’s the whole point”.

— Epatage?

— It’s not outrageous, but the fact that now the whole fashion thing… Eclecticism in contemporary art, film, theater. So I recently looked at Fokin “Masquerade. Memories of the future”. It’s reconstruction. And then suddenly — the beginning of the second act, the artist goes and reads absolutely dokovsky monologue of a man who killed his wife. Time piece — and back to the XIX century. It’s like a painting of Leonardo da Vinci to glue a piece of pop art. I like it a lot, and I think I always feel that what fits, I can feel this wave.

A scene from “Promise at dawn”. Photo: Denis Zhulin

“Why offend a great actress?»

And what would you have said except your theatre, which teams? Here in front of you Mat them. Bitter…

— Are you a provocateur?

— Sometimes. But in my question there is nothing provocative. Somehow doroninskoe a hushed, don’t write. I don’t understand it, everything still works great actress.

— You know, there are two options…

— Either good or nothing?

— Yes, why offend a great actress? And I always wonder what goes on in the theater Zhenovach. I like making Krymov. I wonder what is happening in the theater with the Mighty. I’m interested Director Andrey Zholdak. I wonder what is happening in the Theatre of Nations. I wonder sometimes to be in the Moscow art theatre, there are also many great Directors, great actors work.

— So you often go to the theatre?

Terribly infrequently. If you don’t want me just to drive into the paint, don’t ask me when and what I last watched. Still, I have my own busyness… I mean sometimes even home: children suddenly became a lot, and I have yet to even slightly give them the time. But on the other hand, I go to the Internet: here it want to go, and it is… Look at the numbers, and I always something to learn in this day.

— A “Gogol-center” was you ever?

— Was, but has long been. But I watched two or three plays.

— I will not ask you about how you’re Serebrennikov…

— I can answer that. I think that is terrible. Of course, I support him and all the guys that were left without a Director. I’m awfully worried in General for all the injustices that occur.

— Want to discuss with you what is called a new direction. Somehow here mention only two names — pieces of silver, and the mantid. Oh and Butusov. Have you played Bogomolov, Butusova play a lot.

And I hope maybe someday to play another Serebrennikov. This is my dream. When I came to the Pushkin Theater, Serebrennikov has put “Clay”. Kozak he was immediately grabbed and put us on the small stage, “some explicit Polaroids”. This performance broke my heart just forever. I remember that for me it was a shock. I woke it up. Such a strong performance, very internally charged and stunningly done in form. It was fresh, new theatre, like no other! Just class! And that’s when I began to dream at least some way to get in touch with Serebrennikov.

— Hope it will happen in certain circumstances.

— I hope so too. When he would work with whoever needs to work, then someday I will reach up to turn.

But there are those who do not understand the style, structure, form. They are, critics say, it’s cheap, superficially, here’s little theater, play as there.

— The piece can be read at home, she’s not going anywhere. Just now another trend: not theater-plays are not theatre-plot, and directing theater. Therefore, if we take the “Seagull” and Butusov’s “the Seagull” Bogomolova, we will not be able to talk to you about this play. These are two different author, a different world, a different view. And the author is a Director.

Photo: Denis Zhulin

“I sit and free food in the tram!»

— You have a rank?

— No, I’m still a little.

— You need the rank?

— Very.

— For what? In Soviet times, I would have realized the benefits, privileges, payments, motels. And now-why?

— I recently became a mother of many children. I’m exempt now, and I also other other benefits on free public transport. I have a car, I generally move on it. Either on foot or by car but by public transport I almost never use. But once there I suddenly I remembered that I have now that privilege, and it was from Center drive to Tver. I sat on the bus or on the bus, I do not remember, put your card and as the Queen drove to Okhotny Ryad. You can’t even imagine the amount of happiness that I have experienced! I never in my life from herself did not expect: sitting with a smile from the beginning of the route to the end. And still managed to call one a very close friend and say, I’m sitting and free food in the tram, or what I was doing, I do not remember.

— And mentally thanked Vladimir Putin?

— No, just a trifle, but nice. So I really want to be an honored artist. And folk. Not because I for it something will be, but it’s encouraging, it’s some small step forward. It’s nice, damn it. Well, as a black belt in karate.

— “Dustin Hoffman — people’s artist of America” — it sounds like? Silly, right?

— God knows. We have Dustin different life.

“Look “Three poplars at Plyushchikha” and cry»

— You played the no condition in the performance “Nights of Cabiria”. Many times have you watched a Fellini film?

— No, once, I think. We were in clown makeup, we have a musical, other Director — not Fellini, and Sigalova, other partners, other costumes, style.

— Understand. But remember, as the end of the movie? Is Giulietta Masina who has now lost everything, crying and… smiling. In my opinion, this is the highest level of the game artist. Konchalovsky said that he always cries when watching it.

— And I’m not.

— What does this mean?

— That we are different people. I’m crying about something else entirely. I see “Three poplars at Plyushchikha” and crying.

— In what place? When Efremov Doronin is waiting by his car, and she doesn’t come? Or when she’s in the taxi begins to sing, and he understands everything?

— Even earlier. Recently I showed the kids, and my tears at the beginning of the film. There’s a piece of the morning in Moscow show. And this music is beautiful Pakhmutova… I know why I’m crying… such a clean look at this world, this present and clean. For me it is very valuable.

— How many movies have you played Sergei Ursulyak, that is his dad?

Only now the first time I started on his acting. The film is called “stormy weather” by Alexei Ivanov, I have a small role.

— Why only now? Sergei many times removed to my wife, Nifontova Face, very good actress. In “the Quiet Don” is the youngest daughter, your sister Dasha, and you…

— Probably more than have nobody to shoot. According to the residual principle…

— Are you offended when you were not invited?

Yeah, I thought it was very unfair. Don’t know, dad has some ideas, as it should be. Just in life always happen Vice versa. In that moment, when I absolutely didn’t expect him to call me — I just had a baby and besides I had three projects at the same time — suddenly daddy says: can you two weeks to work with me? Frankly, I was surprised. Though I am to this event prepared all my life, but here again… Me: “What?!”. Agreed.

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