Among those detained in the suburbs of poachers was a fireman with the talents of a butcher

Professional poachers have been arrested by the police of OMVD on the Mozhaisk district of the Moscow region. Three local residents were shot in the woods the noble savage of animals, and the extracted meat was doing delights for their own processing plant.

photo: 50.MIA.Russia

As it became known “MK”, January 22 huntsman Mozhaysky forestry in a planned bypass site, near the village of Aleshkino, found snow-covered carcass of a female deer. The man immediately reported it to law enforcement. The guards reacted instantly – the duty officer handed orientation the guards outfits, and within an hour the police detained the suspects. Security forces on the track “Uvarovo-Ivakino-Gubino-Mozhaysk” stopped to check light Ford. In salon of a foreign car there were three men, residents of the Youth village Naro-Fominsk district – 41-year-old Victor Crosses, 34-year-old Vladimir Ahtikoski and 40-year-old Boris Yablokov (all names changed). Men have long known each other. They bonded over a shared love of hunting. Vladimir works as a driver in the resource-supplying organizations, he is married and has two minor children. Boris works as a Stoker at a local boiler house. He also connected by marriage and dependents he is the son. At the approach of the traffic police, the driver and passengers may have panicked. Moreover, their appearance gave the officers the idea that the Trinity just from out of the woods. The traffic police decided to inspect the car and it has paid off — in the cabin lay a hunting rifle, two cartridges, cartridges, a device for noiseless shooting, knife with the remnants of wool of a wild animal and a night vision device. However, this was not all.

– Near the stop of the car was discovered three dead deer, two shells. At autopsy of carcasses, the veterinarian found two bullets of the same caliber as the earlier discovered bullet casings,- said the “MK” head of the press service GU MVD of Russia Moscow region Tatyana Petrova.

Later, ballistics confirmed that the bullet casings seized at the scene was fired from a gun belonging to one of the attackers. Possibly, the poachers left the carcasses, because they startled the huntsman, and planned to return for them later.

The investigators found that the suspects in an industrial area not far from Mozhaisk, there is a room where men made of meat delicacies, smoked, cooked sausage, etc. Then they sold the products through a sales network in the Metropolitan area.

On this fact investigators of the police initiated a criminal under article “Illegal hunting”. The suspects did not admit his guilt. They face penalties of up to 2 years of imprisonment. Now they are on bail.

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