At the Rotterdam festival Director was collecting alms for the new film

47 the Rotterdam film festival that focuses on debut and experimental films, ends on Sunday, but his results down in two days before the official ceremony. Russian films in the main competition consisting of eight paintings, no. They are there at all uncommon. And it’s not because we don’t like. Our movie — other landmarks: art search few who claim, rather, work for the mortgage and other pleasures of life, live a hearty and happy, leaving experiments at the mercy of madmen.

Julia of Kiev in the movie “Nina”.

At the entrance to festival centre sits a man 35-40 years. He holds up a sign: “Look at my 13-minute film and help raise funds for the next one.” On the next chair — a laptop with headphones. You can watch a movie on the street and financially to support it, if the picture is like. All over the world to find the money for a debut, even at the most modest short film, is difficult. Nobody expects a novice filmmaker with open arms. So we have to collect alms, with the world on a string.

Well, if there are dedicated relatives, friends, classmates, willing to work for free for the idea, for the sake of a loved one. Every year at the festival have to listen to heartbreaking stories, as in spite of circumstances movie. In Rotterdam you can see the most exotic cinematography of, say, Dominican, and always in large numbers there are movies from the Philippines, from Brazil, something we never see.

In previous years, the Foundation of the Hubert Bals, working in close conjunction with the festival, supported our young Directors, such as Aleksei German Jr. and Ilya Hrzhanovskogo. But then the management found that the Russian movie rose to his feet and he has enough opportunities to support young film Directors, it has ceased to be an object of care and guardianship.

The situation is not so rosy. Yet most important of the arts is a commercial movie that should pay off and not to live at the expense of the state budget, art-Directors can’t finish my paintings, but often do not apply for state support, not counting on it. One of the participants in the Rotterdam, Alexey Fedorchenko, by some miracle, was able to show out of competition, his new film “War Anna”. Shortly before the world premiere in Holland he was forced to appeal to the potential viewers, with a request for assistance. On the street with a hat, of course, did not sit, as above described, his colleague, tried to find money through the Internet. In the end, didn’t pick up a quarter. But the film is still made. As Chichi — better not to ask. Perhaps the whole group in debt as in silks.

A short competition was held at the beginning of the festival. It was attended by Russian painting “Eight paintings from the life of Anastasia Sokolova” Alina Kotova Vladlena’s and Sandu on the graduate of journalism who are in search of work — the oldest profession, which is journalism, along with prostitution. Ironically the character is in a brothel, however, on administrative work. The film has not received awards, but the fact of participation in the competition is impressive. Unfortunately, even in the short film we have a few people experimenting, engaged in the search for a new cinematic language, because our films are so rarely invited to the competition program of the pilot festival.

In Rotterdam showed a great Greek film “Pity” Babes of Macridis, the scenario of which was written by the famous writer Optimism Filippo (behind him “Fang” and “Lobster” Giorgos Lanthimos thundered in Cannes). The main character is a successful lawyer — like man in a case. All of his regret because his wife is in a coma after the accident. Neighbor every morning brings orange cake. The dry cleaner where he goes, not in order to pass the suit, and to get another round of pity, surrounded by high attention. All this in one day will end as soon as the wife gets out of the coma. But the hero will have inertia to go to her room, where now a strange man, and look at his lifeless body, kiss on the lips as his own. Release the hidden emotion there, and pity is like a drug. When it runs out, the character will shed the blood of loved ones, like Greek tragedy. Many saw in this film an allegory of Greece, the weak link of modern Europe, to the troubles which now hardly anyone feels sympathy. And in every deeply hidden Greek Zeus or Aphrodite, the inhabitants of modern Greece feel part of the myth.

Another strong and psychologically subtle picture of the competition program provoked extraordinary interest: “Nina” by Polish Director Olga Chides. It’s about the young teacher, who tried in vain to become a mother, but in the end knowing the delights of lesbian love. Strikingly, in Poland are proud of this “dangerous” picture, and who played a major role Julia of Kiev, known in the cinema world by the film “United States of love”, was there ultrapolyarnoe. It really is very bright, bold and deep actress. In November Julia was part of the jury of the festival of Russian cinema “Sputnik over Poland”. Represented her as the pride of the nation. Screening of “Nina” will probably have become impossible due to intensified guardians of morality. If some of the Russian filmmakers dared to make a film on this topic, it would be pelted with stones.

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