IOC disappointed with the CAS decision to justify disqualified for life of Russians

Court of arbitration for sport of Lausanne (CAS) has considered cases of Russian athletes, who by the decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was disqualified for life. The verdict: 28 of the Russians is justified, which was a big surprise to many. Including to the IOC, which has already expressed disappointment about that fact.


The headquarters of the IOC in Lausanne.

The disciplinary Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for a long time led the investigation against Russian athletes, resulting in the cancellation of results in many winners and medalists of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. They were also disqualified for life.

However, the Sports arbitration court, having considered appeals of the Russians, decided to justify 28 athletes and to revoke their suspension. However, the IOC is apparently nothing in the organization have expressed disappointment with this resolution and made a statement that the incident does not mean a guarantee for participation in the Games in 2018 for the justified athletes.

“The IOC regrets that the CAS panel did not use the existence of systematic violations against 28 athletes. This can greatly affect further the fight against doping, and the IOC will carefully examine the reasoning of the decision. It is not excluded that will be followed by an appeal to the Swiss Federal court,” – reads the statement of the IOC.

The organization also focused on the fact that the guilty plea of the other 11 athletes – proof of anti-doping rule violations in Russia. As for justified, the IOC said: “the Absence of sanctions does not automatically turns into an invitation to the Olympics 2018”.

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