Naked women recognized the interior and expelled from the Museum in Manchester

Feminist fever covered and museums: Manchester art gallery was removed from the permanent exhibition of the painting by John William Waterhouse “Gila and the nymphs” because it shows naked girls…


Painting by John William Waterhouse “Gila and the nymphs”.

Written in 1896, the painting is one of the main masterpieces by artists of the pre-Raphaelites.

Claire Gannaway, curator of modern art Department of the Museum, confirmed that to remove the picture from the exposition of the solution. The painting hung in the hall along with other images of naked women.

According to Geneva, she decided to take a picture under the influence of feminist movements, because it seemed that the demonstration Nude humiliated women, relegating them to the level of the piece of furniture.

First about the incident, wrote the Daily Telegraph calling the move curator — censorship: “to Remove from the display the picture only due to the fact that it depicts Nude women is the same example of the fundamentalism that we see in the new gallery of the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. For a leading international galleries in her little images of the Nude. Most likely for religious reasons. This wants curator Claire Geneva?”– outraged the author and art critic mark Hudson.

Geneva stated that “the action of the gallery — not censorship”. The Museum encouraged visitors to write their opinion on stickers and stick them on a vacant spot on the wall.

– Feminism has gone mad! I am ashamed to be a feminist,” reads one of these notes.

Visit the gallery urged the administration to combine contemporary art, proclaiming new values with classic and not to remove works from political correctness.

In the gallery noted that this is a temporary step, and the picture of the English artist will soon return to the exposition.

As for motion #MeToo, in whose name allegedly committed this act, Geneva discredits him, as it achieves a cultural change in the relations of men and women.

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