Raped three years: a repeat offender staged sexual terror 10-year-old stepdaughter

Resident of the Moscow region, earlier convicted for crimes in the sphere of the sexual integrity of the person, brutally raped his stepdaughter when she was only 10 years old. Nightmare girl’s life lasted three years, until she decided to tell everything to his mother.

photo: pixabay.com

As it became known “MK”, 48-the summer inhabitant Orehovo-Zuevo 7 years ago, I met in the grocery store with an elegant and decent at first glance, the 49-year-old Fyodor Makarov (all names changed). Julia raised juvenile daughter Jan and worked at the point, where they held their first meeting. Woman tired of being alone, and six months later took up with her favorite Beau. New husband just said that working as a labourer at a meat processing company and admitted that a few years served for rape. He made up a story that his best friend was in a bad situation with an underage lady, and he had to take the blame. On the question of women, why did he do such a noble deed, Fedor told her that his friend was taking care of my mother, and it was impossible to get behind bars.

According to investigators, the first time Makarov raped a 10-year-old Ian three years ago, when the girl’s mother was at work. First, the victim wanted to tell mother. But the rascal convinced the girl that if she complains, take her to the orphanage, and the mother is unable to prosecute. After that, Makarov almost every week they engage in sexual intercourse with the girl. But the child’s mind could not stand the tremendous pressure. 1 Feb Yana had a nervous hysteria, and it as the spirit laid out the whole truth about his life the parent. The one with tears in his eyes ran to the police and wrote a statement.

– Now the suspect is detained. In the near future will be solved a question on election concerning it a preventive measure in form of detention, said the “MK” the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region Olga Brady.

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