Scam Parking lots turned out for the Moscow officer probation

The former Deputy head of the GUP “Management of garage construction,” got off with probation for extortion 2.5 million from the businesswoman. Recently, the Tver court of Moscow has announced the conviction Rafael Sageev and his accomplice.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As found “MK”, last fall the owner of the company acquired in the capital more than 60 municipal garage and successfully sold. This became known 46-year-old officer Rafael Sageev, and he just could not pass up. A civil servant through an intermediary, threatened the woman that will seek recognition of the transaction invalid, if it does not receive the rollback of 2.5 million rubles. The businesswoman promised to think about it, and she, meanwhile, appealed to the intelligence agencies with the statement for extortion. At the meeting she already went along with the operatives. And Sageev for bribe sent a friend of Alex exaltation of the cross (the man listed as CEO of the medical center in Kazan, which has established Sageev. — Primas’. «MK.)» An accomplice received the promised reward, and then handed it to the chief. As a result, 21 September 2017 both arrested and placed into custody. Later, however, Sageev expressed a desire to cooperate with the investigation, so he changed the measure of restraint to house arrest. When the man shifted the charge of “attempted bribery” by “fraud,” because in virtue of the office he could not influence the decision on the termination of the transaction.

Later, the official concluded pre-trial agreement, his case was considered by the court in a particular order. At the trial the officer admitted his guilt and repented. He said that at the stage of investigation paid a businesswoman compensation for moral damages. Asked me not to put him in jail because he has two young children. In turn, the victim did not insisted on strict punishment. Despite this, the Prosecutor demanded the defendant to 3.5 years in a penal colony. However, Themis-for the first time decided to forgive those corrupt.

— The Tver court of Moscow sentenced Sageeva to 2 years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period 3 years, the same amount received and the exaltation of the cross, — told “MK” the press-Secretary of the court Anastasia Jurco.

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