Snuck into the hotel Krasnoyarsk pedophile raped 8-year-old skater

A heinous crime has occurred in one of the hotels of Krasnoyarsk, where he lived a team of young skaters from Chita. Making his way to the man abused one of the girls.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

According to local media, the incident occurred last night in the hotel on the street high-rise.

How the pervert was able to freely get into the school — is not yet clear. Nevertheless, the fact remains: the same freely bastard left the hotel.

For the capture of a criminal was raised, the entire staff of the police of Krasnoyarsk. As Newslab reported, in the afternoon of the next day the suspect was arrested — he was 61-year-old resident of Krasnoyarsk. It is known that he was previously convicted for fraud and telephone terrorism.

A similar case occurred in November of last year in Kazan. There is a drunken man calmly walked into the room of a local hotel and began to open the doors of the rooms. In the end, during their “adventures” he had abused two underage girls and later of an adult resident.

Be the first to know about incidents: this was “breaking news” in the Telegram.

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