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In Severomorsk after a divorce with her husband the woman took the door from the apartment.

photo: Ivan Skryplev

She faithfully fulfilled the court’s decision, freeing the apartment and taking a part of jointly acquired property, to which, apparently, applies the front door. In any case, nowhere was recorded that the door to carry out the impossible.

Before leaving, the woman could get probably the carpet, but did nobly, gently savesel them the hole on the landing.

Maybe it was a symbolic gesture meaning that access to his former spouse is now open for other researches have? And but her with his door you can come anywhere-including to her new husband, in the highest tower, where “no entry to anyone”.

It’s all, as they say, things personal. Motives of actions can be different — and it is possible that well-founded. But as the International Olympic Committee, it could not be better suited saying: “Worn like a fool with a door”.

You would, of course, more common: “to be Worn as with a written sack”, the benefit of the Moka is the Olympic Charter and other official documents, which painted their sack in which they collected money within their business project, given for a few weeks in leasing to other countries every four years.

But refer to the Olympic Charter these gentlemen are not to hand, at least in the situation of the non-admission of the Russian Olympic team at the Olympic games of 2018, starting February 9 in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang. At Moka has appeared inside the door, where someone opened the entrance, and for someone off-limits, and it is unclear on what basis.

No one in the world still can’t understand what principles guided the international Olympic Committee is not committed to the Games, even those athletes who have been convicted of doping. Even such a calm and phlegmatic people like the Finns, and he was outraged. The Secretary-General of the Center for sports ethics Finland Harri Suwailmi said that many would like to know what kind of criteria that guided the IOC, after all, so they for no reason can hit and other athletes.

The impression is that the fire that Prometheus stole from the gods to attach people to Olympus, once again went to Herostratus. If since the inception of the Olympic games the sense of them was that for their duration stopped all wars, now, on the contrary, the nicest thing is to inflate the Olympics any international conflict.

In August 2008, the opening day of the Games in Beijing, the war began in South Ossetia. During the winter Olympic games in Sochi in February 2014 blazing Maidan in Kiev.

It is hoped that in South Korea during the Olympics will cost without provocation. The benefit of both the Republic of Korea, following an old Olympic tradition, handed each other’s hands for reconciliation and rapprochement.

It is regrettable, but the door, which is worn by the IOC is only one of the doors of the main entrance. And in the depths of the building this week showed us the door that belongs to the U.S. Congress that he is ready to use in any manner against the Russian government.

As told to Fonvizina ignoramus, this door till another noun in contrast to Moscow, which already for his work in Pyeongchang applied.

Simon Semyonitch



● Why not play up to the authorities? The reason is trivial — a complete lack of musical hearing.

● So learned nothing except deceit and guile, but it was enough to live comfortably and happily.

● It is not necessary to send all four sides. Why such worthless companions you.

● Streamlined shape women to simulate on their aerodynamic characteristics of the rocket, helping them to reach dizzying heights in your career and personal life.

● Business card policy: I am not against progress, but he does not bring anything good, except for destruction and the devaluation of all values.

● Does not believe in love at first sight, even if it is sincere and mutual…

● Decent nothing more — and especially someone else’s — is not necessary. And everything grabbers and grabbers.

* In old age, convinced that life is beautiful; but not to the same degree that for her to die.

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