Writers fought for the right to add to the list of obscene books of the Ombudsman Kuznetsova

The literary community is not lost and the adequacy of lovers of children’s books, wondering about the statements of the Commissioner on child rights under the President of Anna Kuznetsova. She has announced a very strange list of children’s books, which she is “ashamed to speak.” Referred to in this list of writers in response, say that they are ashamed to say anything about the person who is “occupying a position that allows such odious statements”. They made an open letter, which exclusive got acquainted the correspondent “MK”.

photo: press service of the Ombudsman Kuznetsova

Annually in the first week of February at the Russian state children’s library hosts one of the most significant events of safe Runet Week — the all-Russian teleconference on the issues of children’s safety on the Internet. This time there were about 900 participants from 63 subjects of the Russian Federation from Kaliningrad to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and from Murmansk to Astrakhan.

Everything was going normally…before the performance, Anna Kuznetsova, who named 16 books that, in her opinion, cannot be recommended to children (the news called them a list of obscene books).

– Unfortunately, parents are sometimes in the books encounter such a thing, – said the Ombudsman. – Honestly, some I even can not voice, because I am ashamed to say that I write sometimes in children’s books. The most decent of them all — “Where riding a cock horse” and the tale about the eye, which, sorry fell into the toilet. To laugh there is something, but to think too.

While Anna Kuznetsova noted that she hopes that her list of bad works “will not look black PR”. We are talking about a dubious list that long wandering around the base of the entertainment sites and pages of social networks.

We sincerely hope that this statement is just poorly prepared by someone from back Kuznetsova, and does not reflect its relation to modern children’s literature – wrote in an open letter to writers, publishers, critics and teachers from all over Russia. – Similar sites and public servers can not serve as a source of adequate information on the situation there. This content is created by random people, often dropout. Unlike journalists, they do not aim to give reliable information. But reckless and irresponsible reproduction unverified information creates false representation about the modern Russian children’s literature.

According to the signatories of the open letter, something has got “MK”, among the above-mentioned Kuznetsova “16 masterpieces” made gross errors. For example, materials or folk dialectological expeditions are not meant for children’s reading, and for philological and ethnographic analysis. It is strange to consider that if some text “Bull-distonic” and written by researchers like a fairy tale, it is intended solely for children. Book Savely Nizovskaya and David Plaksin “As the king went into the girls” cannot be considered in isolation from the literary context — from the tradition of the literature of the absurd, from the creative atmosphere of the Leningrad underground of the 1990s. And the book Nizovskaya, and a poem by Igor Irtenyev “Tale eyes”, written in 1991, is the history of literature, not its modernity.

A poem by Boris Schwarz “Funny grass” on the list, very funny to modern readers: for the last twenty years, this phrase is perceived as a euphemism narcotic plants. However, in 1975, when the book “Funny grass” was published for the first time, of such importance nobody even thought. The book, published 44 years ago, can not be attributed to modern children’s literature.

Particular excitement was aroused by the tale “Where rides a cock horse” Svetlana Lavrova. The author told “MK” that the “cock horse”, which seemed “indecent” Kuznetsova, is a character from the folklore of the Komi people. It’s the spirit of chaos, destruction, environmental disaster. The tale of that environmental disaster is near, but people can take responsibility and save the world, expelling a terrible cock horse. “My tale no mate, no call to violence, on the contrary, there all white and fluffy. If someone thinks that the name has something to do with prison slang, where the word “cock”, I said, means involvement in homosexuality, is that person still “the Golden Cockerel” by Pushkin in this reproach?”–said Lavrov.

Her book can be recommended to children. Moreover, they have long been appreciated and loved in 2013 by the decision of the children’s jury Svetlana Lavrova with the book “Where rides a cock horse” became the winner of Russian contest of the best literary work for teenagers “Kniguru”, and in 2014 was awarded the “book of the year” in the category of children’s literature.

Among perturbing the Kuznetsov works and is a real classic: the stanza “the cat baby jump from the window…” — stanza from a poem by Sergei Mikhalkov’s “the Flu”. Or, for example, illustration to the tale by Korney Chukovsky “cockroach” the textbook line “the Wolves from a fright ate each other,” which the anonymous author of this collection probably doesn’t even know. The tale “cockroach” with this illustration was printed in the years 1921-22. How can it be considered a classic of children’s literature today?!

– Modern children’s literature is a lot more serious problems than the word “powder” in the verses Mikhalkov (note, in the text it refers to penicillin), declares the signatories. And one of these issues is superficial and dismissive view on children’s literature, even those adults who are on duty seriously to understand it. We invite Kuznetsov into the dialogue. Writers, teachers, publishers, librarians and bibliographers will share with her their knowledge of contemporary children’s literature, and talk about her real problems.

Meanwhile, the Federal Agency for press jokingly complaining that for the last day they were attacked with a barrage of requests from children’s writers, who are asked to include their works in the lists of banned books. These advanced writers with envy watching the growth of sales and increase in Internet searches on your search for those poems and stories that have been mentioned by Anna Kuznetsova. To cope with this avalanche officials not in forces, and, therefore, urged writers to show restraint and personal modesty. As far as we know, the team of Mikhail Seslavinsky has thrown all forces on lobbying of storybook his boss “Private pioneer”. Argue that in one of the stories mentioned by the adolescent experience of a statesman for the delivery of empty bottles collected after a football match at the stadium “Chemist” in Dzerzhinsk.

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