“Aliens” dropped on Peru mysterious steel ball

In Peru, the earth fell strange object, when falling leaving a trail similar to the trail of the meteor. Ufologists and supporters of conspiracy theories excitedly discuss the strange discovery: it is a steel looking ball with a diameter of several decimeters. Inside the hollow.

photo: youtube.com

Fallen in the district town of Lawrencegray ball has a diameter of about 40 centimeters. It is nearly perfect shape, only poles visible some of the processes.

Locals claim that if you drop the ball glowed in the sky and left a tail like that, what can be observed in the meteorite. On the ground from a blow of the object remained visible funnel.

Frequent visitors of sites about aliens excitedly discuss the version of the origin of the ball no doubt, that is definitely “they.” The argument is as follows: “Not for nothing every time the government secretly and hurriedly takes out such objects and hiding without any explanation,” writes the user of the website ufosightingsdaily.com. He adds that Peru can be considered one of the most popular aliens.

For this title can compete Namibia, where a few years ago under similar circumstances was discovered like a ball. He was in diameter more than a meter or form, same with the appendages on the sides, for which the media dubbed it “teletubby head”. It turned out, this teletubby head blown off Russian rocket expert then admitted that the ball most likely was part of the third stage of “Soyuz-U”, o to orbit transport “Progress M-13M”. In favor of this theory says the fact that earlier in the wilderness of Colorado was found by the same ball, which had on the surface of the Cyrillic markings. As it turned out, was the tank system pressurization from the carrier rocket “Zenit-3SL”. About 10 years ago, the media reported a similar finding in Australia.

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