In the burned family house, Yeltsin lived “the heirs came people”

In the village Basmanovskoye Talitsky district of Sverdlovsk oblast burned the house of the rural hospitals brought the newborn to the future President of Russia Boris Yeltsin.

“MK” has found out, who lived in the “historic” house and that could cause a fire.

— The future President Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin was born February 1, 1931 in a small rural hospital in a nearby phone booth. Then the baby was brought to the house of father Ignatius, the same that a few days ago I was burned — said the “MK” in the administration of the village. — Grandfather Yeltsin Ignatius was very wealthy. His father, the great-grandfather of Boris Yeltsin, before the revolution, owned a threshing machine, Reaper-samoasky, water and wind mills, only wheat planted to 12 hectares. The farm had ten horses and cows. His successor, Ignatius, the Soviet government confiscated everything. Another and overlaid individual agricultural tax. And when Ignatius became angry, his wife was exiled to a distant Nadezhdinsk, in the extreme North of the Ural region. (Now is the city Serov. — Ed.) They lived with his wife Anna from hand to mouth, in the dugout. Ignatius by that time began to lose sight, at the sawmill to work could not. In 1936, at the age of 60 years when his grandson Boris turned 5 years old, he died.

In the Miller’s house, Ignatius lived the Chairman of the collective farm. Then the house was bought is the people, not the village. Now it visits their living heirs, who constantly go to work. Now, they say, went to work as a watch in Tyumen. And the house was asked to watch the neighbor Nikolay Shabunin. So the water pipes didn’t freeze, he supported in a house fire.

But apparently overlooked… As told “MK” in the local fire brigade, the house was an old brick oven. Fire could occur from overheating of the furnace, could also jump out of it ember. This battered structure could not be left unattended.

Call received at 6.40 am. Arrived — all wooden building was already on fire, says fire brigade on duty. — To save the house has been impossible. Themselves almost suffered when the gas tank exploded, which was kept in the house. Because as it happens? Go to the fire and don’t know what there owners keep. The work of firefighters is always a risk. With the house burned down all the outbuildings. The benefit of Pets. We have taken all measures to ensure that the fire did not spread to neighboring houses. Whether the insured building, nobody knows. But from experience we know that many village residents out of savings don’t want to pay insurance.

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