“Laugh all”: editor of “the Saviour” called surge of reports of assault Korchevnikov

Editor in chief of Orthodox TV channel “Spas” Andrey Bagrov commented on the reports that General Director Boris korchevnikov in the presence of several persons repeatedly struck the editor of the archive of the channel Vasily dobrodeeva. He called these publications the “stuffing”, which connected with the popularity of the channel.

Boris Korchevnikov. A photo of his “Instagrama”

“Nothing but laughter, she [the news – ed.] to cause, and laugh now, all staff of the channel, and I think all those who are in any know Boris”, – quotes the words of Bagrov the RIA Novosti news Agency.

Bagrov said it was symbolic that the “stuffing” has coincided with the success of “Savior”. With the arrival of a new team, a growing number of subscribers in social networks, in January, viewership of the channel increased by 100%, said the editor-in-chief. According to him, the audience responds to the philosophy of the channel.

“She is in the simple gospel the line “rejoice Always”. That’s what we are doing today in response to this and other similar publications,” – said Bagrov.

Meanwhile, the same Telegram-the channel “112” which first reported the incident, continues to publish the details. He added the history report of Lieutenant of police with the words dobrodeeva describes the incident. It is argued that Korchevnikov was stopped by one of those present.

From the document it became known that the victim was diagnosed with bruises to the chest. Dobrodeyev, as previously reported, refused to write a statement “saying that he needs to talk with a lawyer,” reads the police report.

Be the first to know about incidents: this was “breaking news” in the Telegram.

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