Statistics have revealed the impact of a person’s name the amount of the pension

Statistics of the names and the amounts accumulated in retirement accounts for 2.2 million clients NPF “Safmar”, part of industrial-financial group Mikhail Gutseriev, identified several patterns.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The most consciously and responsibly to the formation of pension savings include: among women Helena, Natalia and Olga (127 thousand, 107 thousand and 98 thousand people, respectively), among men of Alexandra, Sergei and Alex (91 thousand, 85 thousand and 62 thousand, respectively).

The owners of these names – the most numerous category among the clients of the Fund. (The basis for the analysis was the most common names in the sample were the names that appear in not less than 10 thousand clients).

Women are generally more responsible approach to the management of his future pension – they make up about 60% of the customer base, but they earn on average 20% less than men based on the size of the average pension account in OPS*. The average “male” retirement account in the Fund Safmar is 95.6 thousand rubles, and “female” – 76 thousand (as of end 2017).

The highest level of income among the male customers have Constantine, Vadim, Dmitry, Andrew and Oleg. The owners of these names sum on retirement accounts for 10-12% higher than the average score of the other male customers.

Among women, the highest paid are Inna, Larissa, Alla, Elena, and Irina. The amounts in the accounts of these clients on average also exceed the size of the “female” retirement account for 7-14%.

The least amount on accumulative pension accounts of among men – the owners name is Ivan, Artem, Victor, Nikolai and Anatoly (12% below average “male” accounts). Among women of other less accumulated Daria, Ksenia, Anastasia, Aliona and Valentina (almost 25% less than the average “female” account).

*- up to “freezing” of pension savings in 2014, the size of the cumulative contribution of the clients-insured persons in the system of OPS amounted to 6% of salary that allows you to evaluate the level of their official income.

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