Teaching lies: the whole educational system of Russia is preparing a fraud

Teacher of stage plasty in the Krasnodar regional College of culture Nikolay Kazmin wrote an open letter called “Hate.” Nothing new in that letter no. Nothing we did not know before: teachers are inundated with paper work, is essentially meaningless and often false.

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As usual, raised a wave of reposts and comments, which are sometimes questioned the necessity of the subject Nicholas Kazmin or the ability of teachers to autonomy and the possibility for writing on something to influence, but never the General veracity of the statement.

“I have an out — pension. And what about the rest?””In the universities fraud more late. She wrote four programs that duplicate each other”, “Empty accounts lying is present in all spheres of activity in Russia” — and so on and so forth. In General, we all knew it.

Why do we know that? Because we’re all about the picture, starting with the schools, the educational system teaches lies. And I don’t mean the excesses of individual teachers, especially the Humanities, which can be encountered in the most prestigious school. Example: the teacher of such a school, asking the fifth graders to write an essay about your teachers, then made a humiliating public dressing down for not any her essay.

But, with all the typical, yet the particular. But — conscious system. Psychological tests that kids write in primary school. Tests in which children are offered a limited range of answers such as: “You read books to learn well, or because parents you for this gifts?”That is the answer, “I just love to read books” (as well as “I generally don’t read books”) is not provided. And this is the elementary school teacher to the children what to do if there’s no answer is not suitable, she says: “Well, choose something.” That is — lies.

Please note: there are already in miniature all subsequent adult system: the paperwork of questionable usefulness, which it is not clear what then happens, but which is already given by the framework are encouraged to lie. This is another elementary school, children eight-nine-ten years, but mentally they have to be ready to lie in muddy official paper.

The next issue will be more and more, and you suddenly find that without them you will not receive a salary and no people.

Someone will say: right! we have a state, it is necessary to learn to deceive since elementary school!

But every lie is a thread for which you are suspended. From time to time you stay quiet, follow the rules of the game. And the rules become more sophisticated and perverted. You seem to want to quit — and what to do: “do”, “probably, it could not be”, “our teachers will not know what to do without reporting, you know how you’ve lied, it may be opened”, “will deprive of the award”, many, many threads.

People think that they are cleverly deceiving the state, and they, of course, sometimes cleverly lying to him, — the result does not honor anyone. The result is expressed in extremely low self-esteem of our citizens. They don’t feel right, don’t feel good, smart, decent, not feel entitled to evaluate the work of government.

Moreover, private involvement in the lie reduces the level of claims to power. Gives rise to arguments along the lines of: “Well, probably upstairs lying and stealing. So in fact at the bottom as well. What we are — and such power”. But for all the wonderful kondovski similar reasoning, they are in a vicious circle. They give carte Blanche to lie. Someone needs to come off.

Nikolay Kazmin wrote “Hate” because you jumped. He filed an application for dismissal on a day when his colleagues sat in the briefing on writing paper, which was to summarize all previous papers. Not instead of, but together. Oh, these synthesis paper who have not experienced them! Based on the pile of documents you get a referral, for example, in regional hospital — but not enough to go with the direction you should take and this whole bunch too.

That is, on the one hand, you are forced to lie. On the other hand, you are constantly checked at every step to doubt your honesty. It’s humiliating. It’s painful. And, of course, from a demonstrative dismissal this will not change. Especially because usually no demonstrations do not happen. People quietly, grandly-nobly out of school. Sometimes the same verifier. And not just leaked, but with the knowledge that those who remained, agree on what they left. So, in some sense deserve it. This is, again, a vicious circle. No one deserves that. We deserve the best.

When teachers and principals complain about parents that can’t help with the bullies because they, the teachers, all rights taken away (“we even class them now can not expel”), they’re telling the truth. When they say that children no longer respect teachers (and all adults) — this is also a lot of truth. But objectively it’s hard to explain why respect a man who allows himself to be humiliated, not fighting for their rights.

I studied in the nineties, when the controlling securities were much smaller (“freedom”), but teachers are even proud of that work, despite the fact that they are not paid salaries for months. Surprising why they are not on strike EN masse, but they worked. “For the kids”, of course. In vain they were proud of it. First, it is now obvious that there is no example of civil courage that they have not filed. Second, when wages began to pay steadily, it was not associated with work (worked after all, and without a salary) and paperwork, reporting. Consent to the humiliation of his own rights in the long term never pay off, and teachers are not the only one who suffers from it.

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