What threatens the reprimand, declared to be “dancing” Ulyanovsk cadets

14 cadets of Ulyanovsk Institute of civil aviation, who in his underwear, uniform caps and ankle boots danced in the Dorm the song benny Benassi Satisfaction, and filmed a two-minute video posted on the Internet, reprimanded. According to the rector WIGA Sergey Krasnov, with freshmen flight faculty and their parents were also conducted educational conversation.

photo: I. Shpagin

About how disciplinary action and dancing in your underwear can further affect their career, we talked with the Honored pilot of Russia, former flight Director of one of the leading flight companies Yury Mikhaylovich Sytnyk and the commander of the “Il — 96” Vladimir V. Salnikov.

A reprimand is a warning about the misconduct. It is valid for a year, and then, according to the labor legislation, acts, – says Yuri Sytnik. – The main thing during this time is not to commit any other disciplinary offence.

In Soviet times, when there was only one work-book, everything is recorded there. However, it was the promotion, and were people commanders.

For example, I had two reprimands. The first reprimand I received when my brother was killed on a motorcycle, I took a friend, and we went to the district hospital to donate blood. And the commander at that time gave the plane to the gym, I had to fly out, and I wasn’t. The second reprimand I got when my brother was divorced from his wife. I hired a lawyer, was summoned to the court of his wife’s parents. The wording of the disciplinary penalty was “For improper actions in the divorce, little brother.” But that’s okay, I became a flight Director, and Honored pilot of Russia.

How do they punish the pilots? If he did flying offense, came off the ticket violation number 1. Pass slaughtered if he violated the governing documents, the rules of flights or committed a disciplinary offence. And then, quite problematic, for example, transferred to Moscow from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan or the Far East.

I hope that you guys — the students will “turn my head”, understand that is unworthy behaved. To dance you naked though, at least somewhere. But it is not necessary to “Shine” form, to announce that they are cool future pilots. It’s all childish. I would place the rector Krasnov forced them six months to clean the toilets. We have in the school everything was. And now they have the premises clean cleaners that, in my opinion, extremely wrong.

-If there is a reprimand, and another would be the slightest offense, the students simply dropped out, – said in turn commander of the “Il — 96” Vladimir Salnikov. All disciplinary sanctions are recorded. These students had set for themselves a “black mark”. One thing when doing such younger students, and quite another when it is done by 18 — year-old young people. In 18 years in the army has given weapons and trusted by military equipment. Now, these “dancers” have very long to prove that this was an accident. After graduating from flight school, I think they may have problems with employment.

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“Fitness trainers from Orenburg danced in the style of Ulyanovsk cadets»


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