“The Russian chess Federation moved the nomination of a candidate for the presidency of FIDE

The Russian chess Federation (RCF) has postponed until may a question about the nomination from the Russian Federation on elections of the President of the International chess Federation (FIDE).

“Congress has determined that Kirsan Ilyumzhinov have the moral right to run. But let’s not deprive Karpov, Deputy Prime Minister, Zhukov’s right to run. Let all of may determine the programs and his team, and then decide,” – said the President of the Russian chess Federation Andrey Filatov on the Congress organization.

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He said that the incumbent President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has submitted a written statement to the nomination, and Anatoly Karpov orally declared his intention to run. The other two candidates, he cited as an example.

After that, Congress has separately supported the “moral right” to move and Karpov and Ilyumzhinov.

The Congress delegates for more than an hour, discussing the right Ilyumzhinov to run for FIDE President. Many demanded to nominate the current head of FIDE at the Congress. It was noted that in may will be held the Congress and the meeting of the Supervisory Board. However, the delegates were given the opportunity to attend the meeting of the Supervisory Board.

The majority (39 people) were in favor of postponing the vote for candidates for the presidency of FIDE from Russia on may, 20 delegates were against it.

Ilyumzhinov asked to nominate him exactly at the Congress. According to him, he intends to devote much time to the promotion of the Russian chess schools in other countries.

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